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Each of our employees who go out to work and become a member of the Opet family first took part in Job Preparation Training, then he or she is provided with job shadowing to obtain the technical knowledge on the requirements of the position and for the duration of their service, their development planning goes on line with their occupational and personal development needs and career planning.  

After the annual evaluation of competence and performance for our employees, one on one meetings are held with the managers and input is provided to development plannings. Along with all those, additional planning is made for our employees that aim to reach the desired level of performance in line with short, medium and long term Strategical Human Resources Planning. And our employees are encouraged to participate in fairs, congresses and similar organizations that are relevant with their fields of interest and that are innovative and will improve their perspective.

All these works form Opet Annual Education and Development Plans. Each year, an important budget is spared for education and developmental activities and the acquisitions are divided among the institutions according to their experience share.

The education served to our personnel are all specially designed for our institution and some of this education aims to improve our personnel's behavioral skills according to our culture and values while some of them aim to improve occupational knowledge and skills that will help then with their duties.

Since 2009, Electronic education (e-education) which is developed by Koç Academy and English reading materials (OPAL) were included in our development plans and our development plan process became richer.