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OPET terminals have advanced technological substructure. Terminals are environmentally and humanly conscious, are respective towards laws on human and environmental health, committed to principals of security in the workplace, have adopted a management approach as main policy that actualizes commitments of management of quality and environment.

Körfez Terminals are connected to Tüpraş Refineries through direct pipeline. All terminals that belong to OPET also provide import operations through sea connections. In case of a scarcity of fuel in the country for any reason, OPET has a strategical location due to its capability of relieving the possible distress.

Marmara Terminal

The facility is connected to the sea (pier) and its total fuel storage capacity is 721.000 m3. 141.824 m3 of this capacity is used in domestic fuel delivery. International fuel commerce is also carried out at the terminal. The facility has ISO 14001 certificate and works on acquiring cerficates of ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 still go on. At Marmara Terminal, 39.000 m3 storage capacity project is at the stage of completion.

Address of Marmara Terminal: Marmara Ereğlisi Sultanköy Beldesi, TilkiÇatağı Mevkii, Marmara Ereğlisi-Tekirdağ

0 (282) 611 60 00

0 (282) 611 60 10

Mersin Terminal

It is our second biggest facility with a storage capacity of 240.000 m³. Sea (pier, ballcock), land and railway lines of fuel delivery are available.

Address of Mersin Terminal: Kara Duvar Mah. 1029 Sok. No:113, Mersin

0 (324) 221 36 20

0 (324) 221 98 93 / 221 40 08

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Körfez Terminal

It is our company's first terminal and it was opened in 1994. Direct delivery of fuel is available from sea (platform) and refinery through pipeline. The capacity is 37.165 m³ and along with white and black product sales bunker fuel is also sold at overland.

Additional capacity to Körfez Terminal, Körfez B Storage Facility has been completed. Terminal has a storage capacity of 45.450 m3 including the capacity of 8.285 m3 which was put into use.

Address of Körfez Terminal: Funda Sok. No:76 Tütünçiftlik, Körfez-İzmit

0 (262) 527 83 60

0 (262) 527 83 64

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Giresun Terminal

The capacity of the facility is 43.130 m³. White product is sold overland.

Address of Giresun Terminal: Kara Dere Mah. Kızılçay Mevkii, Espiye-Giresun

0 (454) 611 65 00

0 (454) 611 59 52 - 53