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Winning with Opet Worldcard Makes a Habit!

With the Opet Worldcard, you can win Opet Points for a purchase 5 TL instantly for fuel or autogas purchases of 150 TL or more at a time from Opet stations every month, with a total of 25 TL, which can be spent at Opet stations.

For application to Opet Worldcard right away, you may write OPET and leave a space and send you T.R. identity number to 4421. Besides, you can complete your Opet Worldcard application by visiting yapikredi.com.tr, logging into Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Branch, or applying to the nearest Yapı Kredi Branch.

How Do You Earn Points at Opet Stations?

  • You will earn 5 TL and a total of 25 TL Opet Points from your fuel and autogas expenditures of 150 TL or more at one time at the contracted Opet stations. The Opet Points you earn are credited on your Opet Worldcard right after your purchase.
  • You can only use the Opet Points you earn for fuel and autogas purchases from contracted OPET stations.
  • Monthly expenditure amounts will be evaluated on the basis of customers and points won in relation to expenditures will again be calculated on the basis of customers.
  • Your expenses will be calculated over a calendar month.
  • Opet Points cannot be earned in cases where a price discount is applied over pump sales prices for fuel and autogas products at Opet stations. Opet Point earnings cannot be combined with other campaigns.
  • For Opet Worldcard owners to earn Opet Points, they must match their fuel or autogas purchases at contracted Opet stations with the purchase information received from the station automation, and pay with Opet Worldcard. Earning Opet Points will not be possible from retrospective payments and out-of-station sales.
  • Only one of the transactions made from the same member station on the same day will be included in the campaign.
  • In case Opet Worldcard is used for fuel and autogas purchases from Opet, the fuel points given to the Opet loyalty card or other Paro cards will not be earned.
  • Yapı Kredi and Opet reserve the right to suspend, change or terminate the above mentioned application and point earnings. 

How Can You Use Points Earned From Opet Stations?

  • You can use the Opet Points loaded on your card as a result of your fuel and autogas expenditures at Opet stations, only for fuel and autogas purchases you make at contracted Opet stations.