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With the brand new Opet - PeP Virtual Card, shopping is now safer and spending is more profitable in domestic and cross-border shopping!

To take advantage of Opet-PeP Virtual Card, you can apply at peple.com.tr/cp/opet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opet – PeP Virtual Card?

Opet Card is a prepaid virtual card with Visa logo that meets the needs of its customers in domestic and international travels and provides various advantages in internet shopping, and allow spending as much as loaded into the PeP account.

What are the features of Opet – PeP Virtual Card?

  • It provides safe shopping with the card number changing in every transaction.
  • It provides advantageous exchange rates for online shopping abroad.
  • It provides the convenience of sending money abroad 24/7 and receiving money from abroad.
  • It provides international hotel discounts, health, travel and traffic insurances.

How can I apply for Opet - PeP Virtual Card?

In order to have Opet-PeP Virtual Card, you must make an application at peple.com.tr/cp/opet page. Customers who successfully complete the application page and whose application is approved will be able to benefit from the Opet-PeP Virtual Card benefits immediately.

If my application is approved, will I be informed?

If your application is approved, you will be informed by PeP.

Can I request an Opet-PeP Physical Card from the cooperation of Opet - PeP?

There is currently no physical card for the Opet - PeP cooperation.

Do I have to pay any subscription fee for the Opet - PeP Virtual Card?

You do not have to pay any card usage fee or subscription fee.