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Petroleum Market Act

According to Petroleum Market Act, open market system has been implemented as of January 1, 2005.

In this system fuel distribution companies are free to determine their wholesale prices according to different pricing policies while resellers can implement price ceilings suggested by fuel distribution companies or they can determine their retail prices according to the competition in their areas.

In Turkey, competition is kept in mind while retail prices are determined.

Refinery Pricing

Refinery price without customs duty + SCT + EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) margin = Refinery price (excluding VAT)

Refinery Price without Customs Duty

Means CIF Med product prices published in the Mediterranean Italian market.

These prices are monitored in Turkey; starting form last price change, daily CIF Mediterranean product prices and daily Dollar currency rate are monitored. When a certain price difference occurs, refinery price ceiling is formed.  

Special Consumption Tax (SCT)

This tax is determined by the Government separately for each product. SCT (TL/M3) is as follows on a product basis.

Product STV
95 Unleaded Gasoline 2.176,50 (TL/M3)
Diesel 1.594,50 (TL/M3)
Product STV
Gasoil 936,70 (TL/M3)
Fuel Oil 237,70 (TL/TON)
Product STV
Fuel Oil 4 237,70 (TL/TON)
Fuel Oil 6 224,00 (TL/TON)

EMRA Margin

This income margin is taken by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) This margin is 2.54 TRY/M3 for white products and 2.69 TRY/TONNE for black products.

For further information visit www.epdk.gov.tr

Wholesale Price

Distribution company margin and product service prices are added to purchase prices hence forming wholesale prices for all depots. This margin is used for distribution company product costs, new filling station investments, renovation of current filling stations, marketing and other operations.

Retail Price

Reseller costs and shipping prices according to resellers area of operation is added to wholesale price hence forming recommended retail price and is announced to reseller by distribution company.

Reseller is free to follow recommended prices or can determine their retail prices according to competition in their areas.

Need to Know for Customers

According to new law, all filling station prices should be up to date, prices at price board and pump should match. All our customers should be aware of this regulation and contact our Customer Services Representative at 444 67 48 or fiyatlandirma@opet.com.tr incase price boards are not up to date or price boards and prices at the pump do not match.