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In this direction, in order to achieve our target with the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Strategies we have determined as OPET, we undertake that;

  • Our Principle: We will be sensitive to human health, occupational safety and the environment in our activities,
  • Leadership and Commitment: We will ensure that our managers lead for the fulfillment of the HSE Policy elements, and that our employees and stakeholders also show their commitment to this policy,
  • Compliance with the Legislation: We will fully comply with the current legislation, relevant standards and other conditions,
  • Management of Risks(Threats and Opportinities) We will constantly evaluate health, safety and environmental threats and opportunities that may occur during our activities and we will mitigate the risk by taking the preventive measures, we will act on the basis of sustainability by considering human health, occupational safety and the environment in an integrated manner in all decision-making processes,
  • Suitable Working Conditions: We will provide working conditions in accordance with HSE standards in order to protect the health of our employees and prevent occupational diseases,
  • Emergency Management: We will be prepared to respond effectively in case of an emergency,
  • Environmental Management: We will use energy and natural resources efficiently in order to minimize our environmental impact, we will monitor emissions and other environmental impacts and we will ensure the recycling of waste, we will evaluate the life cycle approach effectively, we will support sustainability, we will provide the necessary human, financial, technology, etc. resources,
  • Management of Change: When there are changes arising from internal and external factors within the scope of our activities, we will take action by evaluating the threats and opportunities created by these changes in order to achieve the goals we have determined,
  • Continuous Improvement: We will monitor and audit the targets and performance indicators we have set in order to ensure continuous improvement in HSE and to achieve our goals, we will raise awareness of our employees and contractors by providing trainings, we will evaluate the opinions and suggestions of our employees, contractors and stakeholders, ensure their participation and create cooperation, share good practices,


"Human" is the element that we prioritize in our activities. For this reason, in line with the legislation, we ensure that new employment and periodic health examinations as well as necessary controls of our employees are carried out for them to start work in good health and continue to work while maintaining their health.

In addition, as a result of the assessment held by our workplace physicians, we determine and continuously follow up the specific controls related to work for preventing health problems, which our employees may encounter due to their jobs.

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We Have "TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate / COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate"!

As OPET, we have successfully implemented many practices to protect our employees against the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to impact our country as well as the entire world. We continue providing safe service in all our workplaces during this pandemic period also. In this process, we also had the opportunity to check the accuracy of our practices once again by passing the audits carried out by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), where the infection prevention and control procedures determined within the scope of COVID-19 were examined on-site. As a result of the audits carried out, our OPET Headquarters building was awarded the TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate, and our OPET Terminals were awarded the TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate.

Our Certificates

OPET Headquarters TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate (TURKISH)
OPET Headquarters TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate (ENGLISH)
OPET Mersin Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(TURKISH)
OPET Mersin Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(ENGLISH)
Marmara Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(TURKISH)
Marmara Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(ENGLISH)
Körfez Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(TURKISH)
Körfez Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(ENGLISH)
Körfez B Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(TURKISH)
Körfez B Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(ENGLISH)
Giresun Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(TURKISH)
Giresun Terminal TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate(ENGLISH)


In accordance with the zero work accident goal, we manage our business in compliance with the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and publish our performance values in our Sustainability Report in line with our transparency principle. We perform our activities in conformity with the legislation, standards and our procedures and in respect to society.

We highly care for the health and safety of our employees, contractors and neighbors and determine our business sustainability goals to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

We are aware that due to the nature of the activity we carry out at our terminals, we operate with a great risk of industrial accidents. Therefore, we prioritize process security in all our processes, and for protecting our asset integrity, detecting potentially dangerous situations, preventing them from the source and ensuring safe operating conditions,

  • We implement technological advancements to ensure better safety of our systems,
  • We carry out studies to increase the awareness of our employees' safety culture and to keep them alerted at all times,
  • We perform regular maintenance work with our experienced technical personnel/contractor staff, and continuously improve ourselves by monitoring our work through our professional Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) staff.

In order to keep our safety culture at the highest level, we organize our OHS trainings, review and improve our emergency plans, and conduct our emergency drills. We ensure that the people assigned for preparation of emergency plans, prevention, protection, evacuation, fire fighting, first aid, etc. and for the safe execution of these situation are made ready, and that the implementation performance is monitored and continually improved.

We carry out change management studies for the management of changes that may occur in the workplace, and conduct a risk assessment to evaluate the risks that may arise before each work. We identify hazards in risk assessment work and implement measures for possible risks, and minimize risks that arise out of our activities. We attach importance to risk based thinking and consider all stakeholders when evaluating risks.

We keep reports of all dangerous situations/behaviors that may cause possible accidents and occupational diseases, and incidents that are narrowly missed, and take the necessary measures and take corrective actions. We share the lessons learned by analyzing the root cause of the accidents and the good practices we have identified during our inspections with our employees through the information bulletins we prepare.

We attach importance to the road security of our employees, contractors and business partners, and we carry out works to raise awareness beyond the requirements of the legislation. We provide the necessary studies for the safe transportation and storage of dangerous goods, and we increase our awareness with trainings, field visits and exercises.

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As Opet, we manage our activities in compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The foundations of our Environmental Management System is based on our "Health, Safety and Environment Policy". We publish our environmental performance values in our Sustainability Report

We pay attention to the environment while planning our work, we identify and evaluate the environmental impacts that we may have during the planning phase. At this stage, we make our business plan in order to obtain not just the limit values defined in the legislation, but better results from these values.

We fully comply with environmental legal regulations. We obtain necessary permits from official authorities before starting our operations. We document that we have obtained better results than allowed values by having authorized companies perform periodic measurements such as our water and wastewater analyzes and gas emission measurements while our operations are in progress.

We continuously assess the risks and opportunities that could occur during our activities related to the environment and minimize the risks by means of preventive measures. In accordance to our Environmental Management approach and Zero Waste philosophy, we implement our workflows in a way that will prevent waste generation or create waste at a minimum level, and ensure that waste is evaluated in accordance with the legislation, with priority being given to recycling. After separating all of our wastes, including plastic, metal, paper, and glass wastes at the source, we deliver them to licensed recycling or disposal companies, and we constantly monitor the amount of waste.

In order to facilitate efficient use of our resources, we monitor technological innovations related to energy and water consumption and implement these in our operations. By means of the recycling systems we have installed in our terminals, we ensure the reuse of wastewater from our operations. In line with our understanding of continuous improvement, we develop projects in cooperation with technology institutions and universities in order to steadily increase our waste water recycling rates.

We monitor our greenhouse gas emissions for combatting the climate change. Besides developing projects for efficient use of energy, we verify our emissions in line with the ISO 14064 standard.

In order to ensure environmental safety, we carry out training, inspection and drill practices, take the necessary security measures in all our facilities, and closely monitor the risks that may arise based on the strong technological infrastructure in our facilities. We provide training on health, safety, environment and security for our employees working at our terminals and other stakeholders entering and exiting the operation area. We conduct drills for our emergency action plan we have prepared against fire, leaks and spills that may occur on land and sea, and other emergencies.

In addition to trainings in order to increase the awareness of our employees about the environment, we carry out practices for all our employees on June 5, World Environment Day.

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