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In this respect, OPET promises that;

  • Our policy: It will be sensitive to the issues of human health, job safety and environment while conducting its operations,
  • Leadership and Loyalty: It will make sure that its senior management will spearhead the implementation of the corporate HSE policy and that its employees and shareholders will remain loyal to such policy,
  • Compliance with Regulations: It will fully comply with the existing regulations and relevant standards,
  • Preventive Measures and Risk Management: It will constantly evaluate possible health, safety and environment risks that it may come across throughout its operations and reduce such risks to a minimum by taking preventive measures,
  • Appropriate Working Conditions: It will ensure that the working conditions will be consistent with the HSE standards in order to protect its employees health,
  • Emergency Management: It will be prepared to intervene effectively in case of an emergency,
  • Environmental Management: It will use the energy and natural resources efficiently and monitor emissions and recycle waste in order to reduce its environmental impact to a minimum,
  • Continuous Improvement: It will follow up on the set goals and periodically assess them in order to maintain continuous improvement on the HSE issues, and provide trainings to its employees and subcontractors and conduct appropriate studies based on the feedback and suggestions received from its personnel.


In our operations, "human" element is the highest priority. We therefore provide required examinations for them to start and continue healthy employment. We examine employee health, at the start of employment and periodically in complaint with the regulations.

In addition, according to assessments by our workplace doctors, we define custom examinations for individual deeds.

To contact us for health related issues please call (link-Call Center contact details, if no link can be provided enter a telephone number or email address 444 opet)

To contact us for health related issues please click here.


We manage our operations in compliance to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services and we publish our performance values in our Sustainability Report We continue our operations in compliance with regulations, norms and our procedures and with respect to the society.

To maintain our high level security culture, with the attendance of our experienced technical personnel, certified experts and workplace doctors we perform periodical "Workplace Health and Safety" training and drills according to our emergency plans. We keep ready with emergency, prevention, protection, evacuation, firefighting, first aid plans. We make sure that responsible personnel is prepared for safe execution by observing their performance and we make continuous improvements.

We make risk assessments to prevent any risk during our operations. With the help of assigned teams in our workplaces, we define dangers and determine precautions for risks. We take these precautions and minimize the risks of our operations. We keep our risk assessments up to date according to our Change Management mentality.

To increase our employees awareness for Work Health and Safety, in addition to other training classes we perform applications for all our workers in April 28 "World Day for Safety and Health at Work"

To contact us for safety related issues please click here.


As Opet, we manage our operations in compliance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and we publish our Environmental performance values in our Sustainability Report

We take enviroment in consideration while we plan our operations; we determine and evaluate the outcome of our operations in planning phase. In this phase, we do our plans not according to threshold values in regulations but with aiming better values.

We obtain required environment permits from public authorities before we start any operation. While we continue our operations with the help of authorized companies, we document that our periodical readings such as water, waste water, air emission are better than permitted values.

In accordance with our Environment Management approach, we implement our work flows so that we have minimum waste and we only work with licensed companies for waste recycling and disposal. We collect our plastic/metal/paper waste in different boxes and hand over to recycling firms and we monitor the waste amount like we do for other waste types.

With the help of a closed system which collects rain water and oily water in different pools, we recycle the rain water. By this and purification processes, we recycle the 65% of waste water created in our facilities. In accordance with our Continuous Improvement approach, we develop projects with technology institutions and universities to increase this ratio.

In order to use our resources efficiently, we keep in touch with technological improvements to decrease our energy and water consumption and implement these improvements.

To increase our employees awareness for Environment, in addition to other training classes we perform applications for all our workers in June 5 "World Environment Day"

To contact us for environment related issues please call (444 opet)

To contact us for environment related issues please click here.