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  • Discover the convenience of purchasing fuel without touching your wallet, taking your credit card out, and getting out of your car.
  • It offers a fast and convenient usage.
  • Show the chip-embedded key ring and purchase fuel.
  • It is easy to use. You do not need to use your credit card or payment card at the station.
  • It is safe. Your credit card or personal information is not kept in the chip but in a secure medium.
  • Otobilim customers are supported by special customer service.
  • The OPET card which is linked to Otobilim key ring earns points automatically.
  • You are informed of the fuel purchase instantly via SMS if you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my personal Otobil key fob is lost?

You should report it to our Opet Customer Service line, which provides 24/7 service, at 444 67 38. The key fob is immediately blocked to the purchase of fuel.

What should I do if I lose my credit card?

You do not need to take any action regarding your individual Otobil key fob. You have to call your bank to cancel your credit card. Once you receive your new credit card, please do not forget to define it in your Otobilim account.

Is there an expiry date for using the individual Otobil key fob?

Otobilim key fob has no expiry date. Since it is synchronized with your credit card, your key fob is as active as the validity period of your credit card.

How do I use my personal Otobil key fob with my Opet card?

Fuel Points earned by our Opet card holder Individual Otobil customers for their fuel purchases are automatically recorded on their Opet Card defined in the system. If you are not an Opet card holder, then you may earn fuel points via your cell phone registered in the system. You can visit our Opet Card page for general information and the details of spending the points accumulated in the Opet card.

How can I learn my username and password to access my Otobilim account information ?

Your authorization to access the individual Otobil system is automatically sent to your e-mail account at the registration stage. If you are our current customer, you can log in to your account with the "Forgot Password" option at Corporate Services page.

Does it have to be a certain credit card to get the Otobilim key fob or can it also be defined to a credit card of any bank?

In order to benefit from Otobilim, our customers can use credit cards open to domestic use from all banks.

Do I have to return my unused and canceled key fob?

It is adequate for you to request the deactivation of the key fob by accessing your Otobilim account from the "Online Services" section of the www.opet.com.tr website, by setting your key fob to the "Passive" position or by calling 444 67 38 Opet Customer Services.

Can I update my credit card defined to my Otobilim key fob?

You can update your card information from the "Card Information" section of the "Key Information" page by accessing your Otobilim account from the "Online Services" section of the www.opet.com.tr website.

I have received my Otobilim key fob, what should I do to use it ?

By accessing your Otobilim account from the "Online Services" section of the www.opet.com.tr website, you can set your key fob to "Active" and start using it. You may also request support for activation from our Opet Customer Services line at 444 67 38.