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  • Discover the convenience of purchasing fuel without touching your wallet, taking your credit card out, and getting out of your car.
  • It offers a fast and convenient usage.
  • Show the chip-embedded key ring and purchase fuel.
  • It is easy to use. You do not need to use your credit card or payment card at the station.
  • It is safe. Your credit card or personal information is not kept in the chip but in a secure medium.
  • Otobilim customers are supported by special customer service.
  • The OPET card which is linked to Otobilim key ring earns points automatically.
  • You are informed of the fuel purchase instantly via SMS if you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Individual Otobil key ring is lost?

If you encounter such a situation, you have inform Opet Customer Sevrices at 0216 444 67 38 that serves 7/24 immediately. As soon as Opet is informed, fuel purchase with that key ring will be stopped.

What if my credit card is lost?

You do not have to do anything related to your Individual Otobil key ring. You have to call your bank and cancel your credit card. When your credit card arrives, please do not forget to define Otobil key ring.

Does Individual Otobil have any expiry date?

Otobilim key ring does not have an expiry date. As it is matched to your credit card, your key ring is active until the expiry of your card.

How will the attendant understand that I am an Individual Otobil member?

Otobilim members have a sticker on the rear quarter vent of their vehicles (close to the fuel tank) stating that they are Otobilim members. The attendant will refuel your vehicle with Otobilim key ring.

How can use my Opet card with my Individual Otobil key ring?

Points earned by Individual Otobil customers who have Opet cards are earned automatically with each fuel purchase. It is important that you update your Opet card from Opet Customer Services at 444 67 38.

How can I integrate my Opet card to my Individual Otobil key ring?

By accessing www.opet.com.tr, clicking Otobilim tab in member login area, and entering your user name and password, you can define your Opet card number to your key ring.

How can I learn my user name and password with which I can access my Otobilim account details?

You can request your portal password data from 444 67 38 Opet customer services or otobildestek@opet.com.tr.

Where can I get assistance on issues related to Individual Otobil?

You can call 444 67 38 Opet Customer Services or reach as from otobildestek@opet.com.tr.

Which stations are selling Individual Otobil?

You can reach stations that render Individual Otobil service Turkey-wide on www.opet.com.tr from the "our stations" tab in Individual Otobil field.

Can I get a slip/bill after purchase of fuel with Otobilim?

After purchasing fuel with Otobilim key ring, you have to take "cash register slip". Please demand this slip from the pump attendant after the purchase.

Do I have to hold a certain credit card to get Otobilim key ring or can I define the key ring to any bank's credit card?

Our customers who would like to use Otobilim can use the credit cards of YAPI KREDİ, HSBC, GARANTİ and İŞ BANKASI.