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Social Responsibility Principles

Opet's vision is to become the first choice of the consumer by its quality of service and product and to become an international petroleum company based on Turkey. Opet's mission is to meet the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders of Opet by being respectful towards the individual and society, loyal to the law, economy and moral principles and aware of health, safety and environment in the sectors we operate in.

As for the values determined by Opet, it is to contribute to the national economy within the awareness of being customer-oriented, honest, transparent, innovative, creative, believing in team work, constantly improving the employees, aware of the environment and society, dynamic, respectful towards its values, the environment and society. The social responsibility approach of Opet is in line with these objectives. Carrying out social responsibility projects by looking at the problems of society, Opet makes decisions in this direction, develops and carries out projects by making the environmental and social problems a part of its operations and relationship with its shareholders. Finished and ongoing projects across Turkey of Opet, which adopted focusing on social responsibility as an institutional culture and has carried out many projects since its foundation.