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Construction, renovation, periodical maintenance, market projects, otomation system implementations, quality control studies and HSE-S audits are the responsibilities of engineering department.


HSE-S is collection of everything we do to prevent an accident.

Our aim is, no employee, contractor or community member be exposed to any injury or illness as a result of OPET operations.

Perfect Health, Safety and Environment performance requires full commitment of employees of any level. All OPET employees and contractors therefore obliged to follow these rules.

We aim to have an important place in the sector as an outcome of being a company fulfilling its responsibilities with these practices.

  • Preventing accidents
  • Bringing safe projects to life
  • Reducing Environmental Impact

Should be precautions for all of us.

To provide these conditions, all OPET contractors take Preliminary Qualification procedure and only successful ones are worked with. Firms that fill out the Contractor Preliminary Qualification Survey in OPET HSE-S Terms, submit the survey with the required annex documents to OPET Engineering Department. After inspection by Project Manager and person in charge for HSE-S, approved firms obtain the rights to work with OPET

A meeting is held annually with the Preliminary Qualified firms. In these meetings, experiences gained annually are shared, work deficiency and flaws are evaluated. To overcome the problems, solutions are created and brought to life.