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In addition to the services we offer to meet the needs of you and your vehicles in the best way and always walk a step further with our valued customers, we are adding our new generation market concept, Ultramarkets!

This transformation project, which will be realized in our existing Opet fullmarket, has been our primary goal to move forward with the superior service concept we offer to our valued customers, to improve the product quality more, to increase product variety and to transform our gas stations into a living space where you can have a pleasant time.

With Ultramarket, Always One Step Further...

With the new Ultramarket standard, we will continue to offer the best quality service to you from 8 main categories according to the physical condition of the market, except for our current product range and service.

  • The highest quality name of the bakery sector "Divan in bakery" is supporting us with their warm, fresh, delicious snacks such as donuts, donuts, pretzels, delicious sandwiches, mini pizzas, buns, cakes, colored macarons, cakes, sweet and savory cookies. Starbucks, the indispensable name coffee will accompany with its delicious coffees, or Lipton's fresh brewing tea.
  • We expect you in our Ultramarkets with reasonable prices and friendly service, with Rossmann, with its wide range of products in the personal care, cosmetics and healthcare market, with Koçtaş, which is the leader in the home retail sector, where you can meet your every need for your home, with Ttec, the place of technology products where always the newest choices are to be found, and with Automix car care products, the best choice for your vehicle.