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Sustainable retail operations, the main element of our competition advantage in the fuel oil industry, are based upon the transparent and strong relationship we established with retailers. To communicate efficiently and reciprocally with our retailers, the closest and last unit of our Perfect Service processes to our customers, we use the channels we developed over the years and improve our communication tools by constantly keeping up with technology. We improve our processes in the direction of opinions, advice and complaints from our retailers, who contribute to all commercial, social and environmental processes particularly to the fuel sales operations, and we aim to speed up on resolving problems in case of complaints while reducing the number of possible complaints.

Being able to efficiently manage our service network which has spread over Turkey is among our job priorities. In this direction, we first take the necessary safety measurments in and around our stations, we ensure OPET standards in all our stations for our station employees to do their duties in a healthy and safe way and we carry out implementations that minimise our environmental impact. Along with our periodical maintenance and product control, we fulfill the necessities through the training we provide in line with our Perfect Service objective.

We act according to our network planning on a provincial and county basis when we start or stop investing in a region. In compliance with the plans determined by population density, industrial network and the presence of other OPET stations in the related areas, we determine investment budgets and carry out implementations that secure the sustainability of our work.