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What is Otobil System?

Opet Otobil is a system used for company vehicles to fill up without payment and invoice and allowing fill up information including vehicle mileage to be reviewed in electronic medium without physically accessing the vehicle. With the help of this system, companies can take full control of expenses on their vehicles and individuals will have their purchases under control.

What are Otobil Units?

With and Without Mileage Monitor

A small electronic device is assembled to the vehicle in which vehicle and company information is embedded. This device has two types, one of them can be connected to vehicle odometer (with mileage monitor) and another without mileage monitor. Device is connected to an antenna to transfer these information to gas pump handle.

Unit for Individual User: Key Chain

Antenna assembled on gas pump communicates with the electromagnetic circuit in your key chain and transfers all information about your car to Otobil control unit in the filling station.

Filling Station Control Unit (FSCU)

Station Information Control Unit (SICU)

  • Transfers sales data to its destination electronically.
  • Keeps sales data and arranges them as a report.
  • Releases necessary approval to start filling.

Nozzle Antenna

  • An electromagnetic ring attached to the nozzle.
  • Provides electromagnetic communication when in contact with the vehicle tank antenna which is mounted on the vehicle's fuel tank.
  • Transfers vehicle information to SICU, and starts the filling in line with the commands from SICU if the vehicle is authorized for filling.

Authority Controller

  • Deactivates the system to let the nozzle which is involved in the system supply fuel outside the system.


  • Once the filling is completed, a receipt is printed by the printer, containing information about the filling. This receipt is only for informative purposes for the fleet owner to track the filling information, and does not replace a dispatch note or a bill.


  • It transfers the information on fill up processes from FSCU to Central Server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I want to block my vehicle registered in the system for fuel purchase, if I sell my vehicle or if I lose my Otobil device ?

You should call our Opet Customer Service line at 444 67 38, which provides 24/7 service, to report it. The vehicle is blocked for fuel purchase immediately. You should perform the "Cancellation & Return Process" of the vehicle by logging into the page at Corporate Services. If you have the Otokonum device on your vehicle, you should log into the Corporate Services page and perform the “Otofilo Plate and/or Vehicle Transfer” process.

How can I access Opet Otobil Smart Fleet Solutions system reports ?

You can access reports on fuel consumption, device, current account and other topics by logging in Corporate Services with the special user code and password assigned to you.

Can I define a limit for my Otobil vehicle ?

You may log into Corporate Services page and perform your limitation transactions for your vehicle through the limit type option whenever you like.

How can I login to my Opet Otobil Smart Fleet Solutions account ?

A link is sent to you to form a user code and password via Opet's corporate e-mail address. You can access at the following address Corporate Services.If you are our current customer, you can log in to your account with the "Forgot Password" option.

How can I monitor the Available Limit information of my Opet Otobil Smart Fleet Solutions Fleet account ?

You may log into Corporate Services page and view your limit information from the system reports.

I would like to purchase Otobil units for our new vehicles, what should I do ?

You can make your requests from the "Otobil Device Request" field on the Corporate Services.

How is the return process of Otobil devices that have been removed, canceled or expired from the Otobil system ?

Unit cancellation and return operations are carried out as specified in our contract and within the scope of the "Assembly & Disassembly Procedure" communicated by Opet.You can access the Assembly & Disassembly Procedure section on the "Assembly & Disassembly Procedure" page with the special user code and password assigned to you on the Corporate Services page.You can also request information by calling our Opet Customer Service line at 444 67 38 or by emailing otobildestek@opet.com.tr

Where can I find the general station list to buy fuel with Opet Otobil Smart Fleet Solutions ?

You can access station information at Station Search field.

How can I access service points for assembly of Otobil and Otokonum devices?

By logging into your account at Corporate Services page, you may access ‘Assembly and Service’ information.