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With the principle of considering the biggest investment as the one into the human being, we sustainably continue to provide trainings to our employees who are offering you a chain of service beginning from the filling facilities till your vehicles tanks.

We are developing and implementing various training programs for all our staff in the station ; including the station owner, manager, tanker operator, pump attendant, Market staff and cleaning clerk.

The station auditing is performed by our primary trademark application team that proceeds to visiting the stations in regular periods, in order to assess on the compliance of the station staff behaviours and the station appearance with OPET standards applications. The assessment report is instantly forwarded to OPET Headquarter. The assigned corrective actions are to be shared communicated with our stations with goal to be put into effect within the shortest time.

Applied and effectiveness of the work we perform as a Mystery Shopper Theoretically, the measure with the help projects such as Honorary Inspector, prepares reports and we take precautions.

With the assistance of Mystery Shopper or Honorary Inspector projects, we have been measuring theoretically and practically the efficiency of our work and reporting it in order the take precautions.