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OPET, the customer satisfaction leader in the fuel distribution sector, is making a giant retail move that will change the standards in the sector. OPET turns its "Fullmarkets", located at more than its 1600 stations, into a retail chain "Ultramarket" with more than 1000 products in 10 categories. "At the first stage, we have turned 20 stations in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Balıkesir into Ultramarket. By the end of this year, we are planning to turn our nearly 100 stations into retail outlets. We expect the grocery revenues' share in the total turnover to be 15 percent" said Cüneyt Ağca, General Manager of OPET, as part of this transformation, which will make the petrol stations the living areas where every need can be met at any time of the day.

OPET, besides its high-quality fuel UltraForce it offers to its customers at more than 1600 stations across Turkey, is the leader of customer satisfaction for 12 years wiith its campaign that makes a difference and value added services, sustainable and result oriented social responsibility projects. OPET will provide a wide range of products in its new concept Ultramarkets, ranging from food to personal care, from technology to toys, from home appliances to auto accessories. OPET, co-operating with pacemaker brands such as “in bakery by Divan”, “Koçtaş”, “Starbucks on the go”, “Lipton”, “Dardanel Mister No”, “Rossmann”, “Automix” ve “TTec" offers today's consumers, who are racing against time, their needs at a reasonable price and in a fresh/clean/high-quality manner under a single roof.

As part of this change, OPET toilets which have been associated with the concepts of sanitation and hygiene in Turkey along with the Clean Toilet Campaign are also introducing children and family toilets.The press conference in which the details of this great change were given was held at Maslak Mehmetçik Foundation OPET station  with the participation of Cüneyt Ağca, General Manager of OPET, Richard Appelbaum, CEO of the Divan Group and Alp Önder Özpamukçu, General Manager of Koçtaş.   The meeting was also attended by the Bilgin Çiftçi, General Manager of Rossmann, Vedat Aluf, the owner of Automix vehicle maintenance products company, Bahadır Elezoğlu, Marketing Manager of Lipton, İrfan Yiğit, Board Member of Ttec and Niyazi Önen, Chairman of Dardanel.

Cooperation With Giant Brands

At the press conference, Cüneyt Ağca, General Manager of OPET, gave the following information relevant to the matter: “We, in OPET, act with the vision of being with our customers at every moment of life and continue to be the most preferred brand for our customers for 12 years with our new products and services, the systems we have set up for customer satisfaction and our social responsibility projects. In our petrol stations, we offer alternative services to our customers as well as all kinds of vehicle needs. And now, we are setting higher standards and turning our grocery stores at our stations, which are open at all hours of the day and night, into retail outlets. With, Ultramarkets, our new generation grocery concept, we carry our superior service understanding towards our customers one step further and we aim to be a frequent destination where your refreshing, renewing needs as well as all kinds of needs will be met” said Cüneyt Ağca. Ağca, having specified that they won the hearts of the customers as they offer services as more than a fuel distribution brand, went on to say the following: “ As part of this change, we have turned 20 stations in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Balıkesir into Ultramarket. By the end of this year, we are planning to turn our nearly 100 stations into retail outlets. We have improved the quality of the products we offer, increased the variety of products and aimed to make our stations a living space for our customers where they can have a pleasant time. For this purpose, we have cooperated with “in Bakery by Divan”. We have added Lipton's freshly brewed tea and Starbucks, the indispensable coffee brand, to the delicious products of the Divan. We have included Dardanel's "Mister No" cold sandwiches. On the other hand, we have enriched our product range in the market with Rossmann, Germany's well-known brand in personal care, cosmetics and health, Koçtaş, which offers all kinds of ideas and solutions in the improvement of a house, Ttec, address of high-quality technological products and Automix vehicle maintenance products. In our new Ultramarkets, there are more than 1000 products in 10 categories including food and non-food by taking the grocery size and target group into consideration. We will rapidly observe this change in 2019 at our stations in every region of Turkey such as Antalya, Bursa, İzmir, İstanbul, Adana, Mersin, Konya, Kayseri, Eskişehir, Kütahya, İzmit. Ağca, answering the questions of the press members, stated that it has been more than 1 year since the project started and they have proceeded by having talks with the companies they entered into cooperation and agreeing with the dealers and they have started to open Ultramarkets gradually in 2018.

We Have Set Out to Meet the Expectations of Those Who Visit Opet

Richard Appelbaum, CEO of the Divan Group, mentioned the following related to the cooperation: “OPET and the Divan Group are two companies that are leaders in their sectors, pioneering with their innovations, having set out with the aim of going beyond customer expectations and realizing their goals on this path. With "In Bakery by Divan", one of the sub-brands of the Divan Group, we are currently offering our dozens of products to our guests at 47 points. In Bakery by Divan was created out of four elements, along with passion; Nature, Water, Mastery and Flame. We aim to offer our consumers the same standards at many points of our country by keeping our quality and service understanding at the highest level. In this project, we will accompany our consumers with delicious, fresh, additive-free, unique flavor experience. As Divan Group, which combines the traditional with modern presentation methods, we have set out to meet the expectations and needs of all our customers who visit OPET stations.”

Stations are Going Beyond Just Being Petrol Stations

“We continue our efforts unremittingly to better understand our millions of customers we have reached with Koçtaş, Koçtaş Fix stores and digital platforms and to transfer this to our business results. One of our most important priorities in this process is to be easily accessible. With our small Koçtaş Fix stores having small square meters, we have entered neighborhoods to meet all basic and urgent needs of our customers and craftsmen and become the "Koçtaş of the neighborhood". And now, we are establishing a valuable cooperation with Opet, the constant leader of customer satisfaction in the fuel sector. With the new "Ultramarket" station format realized by Opet, fuel stations now go far beyond just being fuel points. We, Koçtaş, will provide our customers with easy access to the products they need at any moment in their living areas such as bulbs, batteries and screws in Koçtaş departments that we started to establish in station stores and so, we will be able to meet the needs of our customers 24/7 in our store. We will continue to bring in new thing and contribute to our country by developing similar cooperations” said Alp Önder Özpamukçu, General Manager of Koçtaş, expressing his happiness due to the cooperation with OPET.