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OPET, pursuing its efforts to protect the history of the Dardanelles-Gallipoli Peninsula region with the "Respect to History Project" for 14 years, has transformed the Çıplak Village which is considered to be the starting point of Troy's discovery into an Etno-village following the Archeo-village Tevfikiye. By means of the efforts in the Çıplak Village that rests on a 5000-year history the village people are expected to play an active role in cultural and historical tourism.

OPET’s "Respect to History Project" that was initiated in 2006 and still pursues in the Gallipoli Peninsula aims at preserving the natural setting to give a modern appearance to the region. Following the rehabilitation work performed in the Eceabat region, where the Dardanelles Campaign had taken place, OPET transformed the Tevfikiye Village in the closest vicinity of the Troy Archaeological Site into an Archeo-village in the "2018 Year of Troy" and now is working on the Çıplak Village in the Troy Region to attach an identity to it in the appearance of an Ethno-Village. The main axis of the works carried out in the Çıplak Village, which reflects the different historical and cultural layers of Anatolia was to create the concept of an "Ethno-village", derived from the word ethnography, a branch of science that deals with man-made cultural elements. Ethno-village project is the sole project in Turkey that brings the museums, archaeological sites, and villages which still dwell with their culture and history together. The project was designed to reflect the ethno-cultural heritage of the Çıplak Village, which contains elements, textures and stories about all layers representing the cultural heritage of the Anatolian tradition.

Nurten Ötürk, the Founding Member of OPET's Board of Management emphasized that with the work they have been carrying out since 2006 in the Dardanelles they have achieved a great transformation and said, “By means of our Respect to History Project we are rehabilitating the villages in the Gallipoli Peninsula and the Eceabat District, and as of 2018 we have started working in the Troy Region. Troy is a region that has inspired leaders who have changed the course of history like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The travelers visiting Troy Archaeological Site and the Troy Museum pass right before and even from within the Archae-village Tevfikiye and the Ethno-village Çıplak. Our aim is to give the share of Troy's cultural tourism to these well-deserving villages that are located at such a significant location and to bring forth their local and historical aspects they have carried from past to present."

OPET which is creating a difference in the fuel distribution sector with its result-oriented and sustainable social responsibility approach, was awarded two awards by the Sustainability Academy. In the organization where 'Leading Projects Which Guide Change', OPET was deemed worthy of an award with its Arkeo-Village Tevfikiye project in 'Environment Focused Social Influence' and its role model approach in Women's Power Projects in 'Strengthening Women-Corporate Activity' category.

In 'Sustainable Work Awards' which is organized by Sustainability Academy for being a role model for business world by highlighting business models and projects that have an impact on social, economic and environmental issues and protect a common future, OPET was deemed worth of an award with Arkeo-Village Tevfikiye and Women's Power Project. In the organization where 'Leading Projects Which Guide Change' which is a role model at the same time with the added value they provide to the society, OPET won awards with its Arkeo-Village Tevfikiye project in 'Environment Focused Social Influence' and Women's Power Projects in 'Strengthening Women-Corporate Activity' category. The award ceremony where the projects won with the selection of 39 juries consisting of leading academicians in sutainable business area of Turkey were distributed, held 'online' due to pandemic conditions this year.

Social Life Quality Has Rise in Tevfikiye Arkeo-Village

OPET, which has made a great change with the "Respect for History Project" carried out in Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula for 14 years, turned Tevfikiye Village in Troy region into the Archaeo-village last year for the "International Year of Troy". Tevfikiye was the land of the Last Trojans, with the Trojan stones unearthed and the inhabitants of the village worked in archaeological excavations for years. Tevfikiye Village was turned into an open-air museum with physical change in the village square, sculptures placed, improvements in the houses, special trainings for the needs of the villagers and a common consciousness. The quality of social life in Tevfikiye Arkeo-village, which is visited by about 2 thousand people a month during the visits to Troy Oren Location before the pandemic, where organic vegetables and fruits, souvenirs were purchased, was also improved. All these activities carried out by OPET, which supported the internationally initiated culture and tourism move in order to introduce Troy, the ancient value of Anatolia, to the world, became a documentary with the joyous narrative people of Tevfikiye who lived the story in reality.

Women's Power Project is an Example for the Society and the Sector

OPET "Women's Power Project" which was initiated in 2018 to change social perception and offer women equal opportunities in working life, is growing stronger. OPET Women's Strenght Project, which was born from the idea of adopting the perception that the profession has no gender, showing that women can successfully exist within the framework of the principle of equal opportunities in all areas of working life and raising awareness on this issue has been realized with the cooperation of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Family, Working and Social Policies and Turkish Employment Agency. Within the scope of the project, which aims to increase the participation of women in the workforce and to strengthen them both economically and socially, despite the pandemic period, the total number of female employees has reached 2500, with an increase of 63 percent since the beginning of the project. OPET, which provides employment opportunities for women in different positions such as Fuel Sales Representative, Market Sales Representative, station manager, shift supervisor, and accounting staff, is an example today for both the society and the sector it is in.

About Sustainability Academy

The Sustainability Academy is a non-profit social enterprise founded with the mission of accelerating the sustainability transformation in the business world for a sustainable future and development, with the aim of informing and raising awareness on economic, social and environmental sustainability. Sustainability Academy which carries out sustainability studies with global approach for settlement, development of sustainable business models in business life in Turkey and development of sustainable way of life in the community, creates strong sustainability platforms and leads in this area. Within this scope, Sustainability Academy conducts researches, conferences, seminars, workshops, corporate training studies, social responsibility projects, consultancy and informative activities for university youth with the cooperation of national and international institutions, non-governmental organizations and government which work for a sustainable future and put or plan to put sustainability in business processes. The Sustainability Academy erases the carbon footprints of all its work. It is planned that the Sustainable Business Awards will continue to inspire and guide the emergence of many innovative projects for the better future in the coming years.