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Within the scope of the special offer implemented together by OPET and TurkTraktor, OPET gives 50 TL fuel point which is used for fuel or diesel oil purchases at OPET stations as a gift to those who have their tractors maintained at TurkTraktor’s authorized services.

OPET which is the customer satisfaction leader of the fuel sector, added a new one to its value-added services that take into account consumer needs. OPET which aims to facilitate the lives of its customers with special applications and special offers, has put its signature on a new cooperation with TurkTraktor which is the leader manufacturer of Turkey’s tractor market. Within this scope, 50 TL fuel point is given to those have their tractor serviced in TurkTraktor’s authorized services until 15 January 2021 as a gift for using in their fuel and diesel oil purchases at OPET and Sunpet stations.

Those who wish to participate in the campaign must write “TTBAKIM”, their participation code and their mobile phone numbers with one gap in the message section of their phones and send this as an SMS to 7276.

After this process, the bonus fuel points earned are uploaded to the mobile phones of the participants. Uploaded fuel points can be spent on fuel or diesel oil purchases at OPET and Sunpet stations until 31 March 2021 with the mobile recognition application. Participants can benefit from the special offer more than once until the expiry dates.