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Product range gradually increases in Ultramarkets at OPET stations. OPET cooperated with the mostly known and preferred brand of Turkey, Toyzz Shop under the toys category. Toyzz Shop products wait children at Ultramarkets with the “Toyzz Shop is on the Road” concept that is specially developed for the Ultramarket Project.

OPET continues to enrich ‘Ultramarkets’ with new brands that it put into practice with the target of turning gas stations into living quarters where any kind of need may be met during any time of the day. OPET, which provides alternative services to its customers along with any needs of vehicles in their gas stations, now adds the mostly known and preferred brand of Turkey in toys, Toyzz Shop, to the Ultramarket product groups  that it developed as the frequent destination where refreshment, renewal and any kind of need will be met at heavy traffic and during travel.

OPET gives place to well-known brands of their own fields in Ultramarkets such as “in bakery by Divan”, “Koçtaş”, “Starbucks on the go”, “Lipton”, “Dardanel Mister No”, “Rossmann”, “Automix” and “TTec”, which includes many products in many different categories from food to personal care, from technology to toys, and from home appliances to auto accessories, and it provides the needs of its customers racing against time under a single roof, at affordable prices and in a fresh/clean/qualitative way. OPET has developed the retail chain ‘Ultramarkets’, including more than 1000 products under 10 categories, in accordance with the feedbacks it received from its dealers and customers, it also made cooperation with the mostly known and preferred brand of Turkey, Toyzz Shop, under the toys category within this context. Toyzz Shop is in the position of being the largest toys retailer of Turkey with its 209 stores where it provides service throughout Turkey as the licensed toys supplier.

We Emphasize Our Commitment to the Quality

OPET Director General Cüneyt Ağca, who mentioned that they brought a new dimension to the customer-oriented approach with Ultramarket, stated that they plan to turn almost 100 gas station into a retail center until the end of year, and he said that “We will observe this change at our stations located in each region of Turkey during 2019 such as Antalya, Bursa, Manisa, Yalova, Adana, Mersin, Konya, Kayseri, Eskişehir, Kütahya and İzmit.” Having mentioned that OPET has continued to be the mostly preferred brand that its customer has been preferring since 12 years with its new product and services, customer satisfaction systems and social responsibility projects, Ağca used the expressions of “We provide alternative services to our customers along with any kind of needs of vehicles in our gas stations. We have developed the quality of the products that we provide with Ultramarket, we increased our product range, and we aimed at turning our stations into a living quarter where our customers may spend pleasant time. We continue to grow our product family, and make cooperation with the leading brands of Turkey. We emphasize our commitment to quality one more time by making cooperation with Toyzz Shop.”

Toyzz Shop Business Development Director Mehmet Şenol Bilican gave these information with regard to the cooperation: “As the address of entertainment and toys, the mission of Toyzz Shop is ‘Providing the accessibility of toys at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances.’ In addition to our extensive store chain in cities, highways, marina shopping centers and airports throughout Turkey, we also made a parallel work with our mission with the ‘Toyzz Shop Is On The Road’ concept that we realized with OPET. We will continue to reach out to children uninterruptedly as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year by means of ‘Toyzz Shop Is On The Road’ concept, and we will continue to realize our vision as the toy seller of everyone who is happy and making others happy. Moreover, we aim at being all around Turkey in the near future by gradually making OPET Ultramarkets widesperad.”

About Toyzz Shop

Toyzz Shop is a toys chain, which was founded in 2001, has its headquarters in Istanbul, and has a modern toy store understanding in 49 cities across Turkey and in TRNC. As the sector leader brand providing service with 214 stores and over 1900 employees today and having a hundred percent domestic capital, Toyzz Shop acts extremely careful about quality, children’s health and safety.

About Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş

Being active in the fuel distribution sector in Turkey, OPET has more than 1600 gas stations together with the SUNPET brand. OPET, storing capacity of which is over 1 million cubic meter that provides a great competitive advantage in the market, is also known as the brand of fuel sector using the technology in the best possible way. Having been elected as the ‘brand with the highest customer loyalty’ for 12 years by the KalDer (Turkish Quality Association), OPET also has the titles of ‘Superbrands’ and ‘Lovemark’...OPET maintains its assertion in the sector, and continues to stand by its customers with brand new projects, products and services.