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The "Road Users Instructor Training" is being conducted for the 4th time within the scope of the "Traffic Detectives Project", which is continued for almost 4 years with the support of OPET and has allowed to access nearly 3 million children and teenagers so far. During April 25 - May 4, 300 more traffic police from all over Turkey will be trained and become project instructors in order to raise Traffic Detectives at Antalya Sentido Zeynep Golf Resort. Thus, the number of the Traffic Detectives Project instructors will be increase to 600 throughout Turkey.

At the “Traffic Detectives Project Road Users Instructors Training”, organized collectively by OPET and General Directorate of Security Traffic Education and Research Department Presidency, 300 traffic police from different provinces in Turkey met as project instructor candidates. Police officers who will receive certificates at the end of the instructor trainings that will be held at Antalya Sentido Zeynep Golf Resort during April 25 - May 4, in 2 groups of 5 days each, will start to give Traffic Detectives training at the schools of the provinces where they work. In this way, the total number of the project instructors will reach 600.

In the trainings that will be given by instructors who are specialized in their fields, in groups as theoretical and interactive in 8 different classes, the subjects that will be handled will be Experiential Learning Cycle, Child and Adult Education Principles, Child and Adult Communication Skills and Empathy, Development – Learning, Child and Adult Education Similarities and Differences, Course Plan Preparation, Course Teaching by Animation and Presentation Method.

Speaking at the Road Users Instructors Training opening meeting, OPET Board of Directors' Founder Member Nurten Öztürk said, “We are continuing the Traffic Detectives Project with enthusiasm for almost 4 years. Our project, which we are conducting with our stakeholders, has already surpassed its goal by the self-sacrificing efforts of our police officers. On this path, which we have set off in order to prevent traffic accidents that are included among the biggest problems of Turkey and to raise more conscious generations, we have given traffic education and distributed Traffic Detective identification cards to almost 3 million children and teenagers in the 3-17 age group so far. The statistics for the 2013-2015 period, when the Traffic Detectives Project has been implemented, indicate that the death ratio of children in fatal accidents has been decreased by 3.7 percent. We will continue this social responsibility effort in order to live in a more contemporary country where fewer accidents are experienced in the future. I would like to thank the General Directorate of Security Traffic Education and Research Department Presidency, and our valued police organization.”

Please Put on your "Life Belt" in Order to Remain Alive and Healthy!

OPET Board of Directors' Founder Member Nurten Öztürk continued as follows: “With the "Life Belt Project, which is a sub-section of the Traffic Detectives Project, we remind all drivers and passengers who come to our stations about the significance of the seat belts. The fact that the seat belt connects the people in the vehicle to life and their loved ones in case of a potential accident is almost forgotten. Therefore, as OPET, we now call the seat belt, which is a concept we are used to hear but have become insensitive to as the society, the “Life Belt”. We aim to raise the awareness of adults, as well as children and teenagers, with this project intended to transform roads into pleasant and safe trips. By warning every customer who comes to the OPET stations by saying "Please put on your life belt", and transforming this statement into an action that will cover all Turkey, we aim to increase the ratio of putting on seat belts, which is 47 percent today, to the levels of 70 percent within one year.”

About the Traffic Detectives Project

Sensitive candidate drivers of the future are raised with the Traffic Detectives Project…

The "Traffic Detectives Project", conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and   Social Policies, Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Security, Ministry of National Education, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Police Spouses Bonding and Solidarity Association (PEKAY) and OPET, aims to transform the candidate drivers of the future into individuals who really know the traffic rules and assume responsibilities in this respect. In the project that is aimed to instill traffic awareness in children and teenagers of 3-17 years' of age, and indirectly their families, the children and teenagers who participate in the trainings receive the 'Traffic Detective' title and are expected to develop a conscious behavior model with respect to traffic.  The trainings are organized under the headings of traffic signs and signboards, seat belts and child protection systems, use of pedestrian crossing, over- and under-passes, safe bicycle riding, pedestrian safety, visibility, safe travel in the vehicle, street crossing and safe play areas.  With the ‘Traffic Detectives Project’, it is intended to create an awareness regarding the traffic rules and change the current perception, and thus transform Turkey into a country with safe traffic, and comfortable traveling in the future.