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SUNPET, which is the second trademark of OPET, continues to convey its expertise in the field of fuel security to all corners of Anatolia. SUNPET, serving with its nearly 500 dealers in Turkey, has conveyed its quality to a commercial film at the product and service standards that it registered with ‘3-point trust test’ in its 17th anniversary.

SUNPET, which is the second trademark of OPET, continues to grow by means of its nearly 500 dealers providing always safe and quality fuel. SUNPET, serving with the purpose of reaching its safe fuel service in Metropolitans to Anatolia as well, aims at increasing its extensiveness in Anatolia with the title of ‘Sun of Roads’ in its 17th anniversary. SUNPET, which is the leader of the sector in its own category with its product and service quality, is getting ready to make difference in the field of customer satisfaction in the forthcoming period.

Safety in Three Steps

SUNPET, which aims at being one of the largest players in its category by means of combining its expertise in the field of fuel safety with customer satisfaction, provides fuel safety in stations with “3-Point Trust Test”. The 3-Point Trust Test starts with the stations refueled from their own facilities, and ends with pump measurement and pump maintenance following the water control and tank cleaning in station tanks.  

SUNPET implements this 3-Point Trust Test in all of its stations in Anatolia and its first commercial film emphasizing this subject is also on the air…. It is emphasized in the first commercial film of SUNPET, which tells the story of a car with the expression of “Each car in Anatolia is more than an ordinary car. Sometimes, it carries a home, and sometimes it carries a country’s future. Year after year, it reaches the position of old and faithful, and transforms into something more than a car”, that more than fuel is served to vehicles “that is more than a car” with the OPET assurance. Ali Demirel is the film director, and Mehmet Aslantuğ is the voice-over in the commercial film bearing the signature of VMLY&R and shootings of which was performed in Safranbolu.

‘Our Priority is the Customer’

OPET’s General Manager Cüneyt Ağca mentioning that they bring service to the farthest corners of Turkey with SUNPET, which acts with OPET’s innovative vision and social responsibility approach, said the following: “We will achieve our objective of gaining customer satisfaction and new customers to the SUNPET stations by means of our products passing the three-point trust test and our service quality”.


SUNPET, the second fuel distribution trademark existing within the structure of OPET, started its activity in 2002. Sunpet, serving with its nearly 500 dealers across Turkey, continues its activities as a leader trademark in its own category in the sector with its product and service quality.