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OPET, which protects the history of the region with the “Respect To History Project” that it has been carrying out in Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula for 13 years, continues its support to the region. OPET organized the ‘Most Beautiful House Contest’ in Tevfikiye, which it transformed into an ‘Archeo-Village’. The 20-person volunteer team and the jury including the Founding Board Member of OPET Nurten Öztürk chose the most beautiful house of the Acheo-village and the most hospitable Tevfikiye resident by visiting the Tevfikiye residents in their houses according to the criteria of welcoming-entertainment, house-garden arrangement, cleaning, hygiene and unique design.

OPET, which has created a great change with ‘Respect to History Project’ that has been continuing in the Çanakkale Gelibolu Peninsula since 2006, has transformed the Tevfikiye Village located in the Troy Region into an Archeo-Village last year by continuing its works in Çanakkale on the occasion of the ‘International Troy Year’. Having been supporting the cultural and tourism thrust that has been started on an international scale in order to introduce Troy to the World, OPET cares about the sustainability of the works in the village just as it cares in all of its other projects. Tevfikiye almost didn’t have any visitor before the works made by OPET, the number of its visitors after transforming into an ‘archeo-village’ has increased to 2 thousand monthly on average. OPET, which continues its activities for raising the service standards and making different tourism-oriented works in the village where the number of visitors has been increasing with each passing day, organized “The Most Beautiful House” contest in order to evaluate the works that village residents made with their own means. Archeo-village houses was evaluated within the scope of the contest by the 20-person volunteer team and the jury including the Founding Board Member of OPET Nurten Öztürk according to the criteria of welcoming-entertainment, house-garden arrangement, cleaning, hygiene and unique design.

The awards were given to Tevfikiye residents ranking the highest in the contest.

While Tülay Yükselen got the 1st place in “The Most Beautiful House” contest, Sabri Uysal and Hatice Varol shared the 2nd place, and the 3rd place is shared by Ayşegül Çetin, Nezihe Çetinkaya, Meliha Yıldız and Medine Çobanoğlu.

The Founding Board Member of OPET Nurten Öztürk said: “Our priority target was maintaining the signs of history in this village where the Tevfikiye residents, meaning the last Trojans lived, and ensuring that those visiting the ancient city have a break and spend some time in the village. With the works we made, we transformed the Tevfikiye Village into an archeo-village with the atmosphere, buildings and figures reminding the Troy period along with its historical and mythological values… Tevfikiye Archeo-Village has become a village where a break is taken and toured during the visits made to the Troy Ancient City, which is remembered with epic stories and is one of the most important historical heritages owned by our country, and that carries signs from the Troy history and reminds the plato of the Troy film. The most important feature of all the projects carried out by OPET is sustainability. Therefore, we continue our support to the village, and we put our signature to various activities and awareness works. The Most Beautiful House contest is one of the activities we organized for this purpose… We chose the Most Beautiful House and the Most Hospitable Tevfikiye resident by evaluating the houses and residents of Archeo-village according to different criteria. Since the village residents took up the project seriously, the results are quite impressive. Therefore, we had difficult time during selection.

About Archeo-Village Tevfikiye

Teşvikiye Village was transformed into a Archeo-Village, which carries out the spirit of the Troy period and has the characteristics of an outdoor museum with its atmosphere, buildings, figures, historical and mythological values cherishing the memory of Troy period. It is aimed to transform OPET Teşvikiye Archeo-Village into a village where a break is given and toured during the visits made to the Troy Antique City that is very well known by the world, which is mentioned with epic stories and one of the most important historical heritages of our country, and where people can buy organic vegetable-fruit and souvenir and which carries signs from the history of Troy. While the restoration of the village was continuing, courses under different names were started with the cooperation of the Directorate of the Çanakkale Public Education Center, and the social life quality was improved in the region. Tevfikiye was put into a shape that may render the best service to the domestic and foreign visitors coming to the region.

While Cultural – Art Days and special activities are being organized in the Tevfikiye village, which started to have a great number of visitors, the unique locations in the village host film screenings and workshops along with the biennial exhibitions within the scope of the Çanakkale Bienal.

Founding Board Member of OPET Nurten Öztürk, who is well-known with her leading personality about ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ in Turkey and the leader of the ‘OPET Conscious Society Projects’, talked in the conference held on March 15 in the centre of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris about the change that the Tevfikiye Village, located in the region of Troy, had undergone. Unesco ambassadors, historians, sociologists and academicians from French universities, business people, press members and a large number of guests watched this conference.