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Cultural and art activities, which were held in Tevfikiye that OPET transformed into an ‘Archeo-Village’ by renovating because of the “2018 The International Year of Troy” within the scope of the “Respect to History Project”, were conducted with the great interest of art-lovers from young-old all segments.

Both the children and adults were welcomed with one more creative and entertaining than the other activities within the scope of the 2. Opet Tevfikiye Archeo-Village Art Days that was conducted on May 5, Sunday between the hours of 12:00-18:00. Art-lovers both explored the Tevfikiye Archeo-Village and spent a spring day full of with archeology and art with the last Trojans during the festival, which include archeology, excavation and restoration workshops for children, and ceramic, printing, picture and toy workshops for children and adults, games and competitions with the theme of Troy, local products, and the animations accompanied with music.

Authentic productions of young generation artists met with art-lovers in the exhibition named “Landscape” that was opened with the festival and will continue until July 1. A “landscape” taking inspiration from common values related to human, history, culture and nature is presented in the exhibition held in Tevfikiye Archeo-Village Gallery with the works that Alperen Başbunar, İsmail Bulut, Ece Güneş Erten, Semiha Güler, Burcu Gürcü, Elif Havuz, Halil İbrahim Kara, Oğuzhan Karadal, İlter Özyıldırım, Erdal Sezer, Canalp Sipahi, Tarkan Yalçın, Ömer Akif Yeldan, Duygu Yücel and Ogün Yücel made with different techniques such as ceramic, picture and pattern.

Within the scope of the art days, archeological excavation was organized on May 3 specific to the students coming from the schools in Çanakkale. Children first visited Troy Antique City with the Site Director of Troy Professor Rüstem Aslan and then they made excavation and ceramic restoration works in the mini excavation site that was established in the garden of the Troy House in the Tevfikiye Archeo-Village.

About the OPET Tevfikiye Archeo-Village Project

 OPET, which continues to protect the history of the region with the “Respect To History Project”, has completed the rehabilitation and renovation works of the Tevfikiye Village that comes to the fore with its historical, mythological, cultural and natural beauties and is located in the Troy Village. Tevfikiye Village was transformed into an archeological village having the quality of an open-air museum with its atmosphere, buildings and figures keeping the Troy period alive, and with its historical and mythological values.

OPET, which works with all the institutions and organizations for evaluating the Troy Antique City that contains every element of development and economic growth of Çanakkale and the local people in terms of history, culture and tourism, transformed the Tevfikiye Village, which is located right across the world cultural heritage Troy Archeological Site and Troy museum, into an archeo-village carrying the signs from the Troy history. Courses were organized for village residents in Tevfikiye where a break and a tour was taken and souvenir shopping was made during the visits to be made to Troy, and the social life quality was improved in the region. OPET aims at bringing the Tevfikiye Village into a situation, which it can offer the best service to the local and foreign visitors coming to the region.

The Archeo-Village Project, which is carried out in the Tevfikiye Village coming to the fore with its historical, mythological, cultural and natural beauties within the scope of the 2018 the Year of Troy of OPET, was carried onto an international platform with UNESCO. Founding Member of the OPET Executive Board Nurten Öztürk talked about the transformation that Tevfikiye Village partaking in the Troy region had undergone in the conference, which was organized in the center of the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on March 15, 2019. Dr. Isabella Anatole-Gabriel, Unit Head of the Europe and North America Regions at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, and Professor Rüstem Aslan from the Çanakkale On Sekiz Mart University also attended the conference, which was about the Troy Archeological Site entering the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998 and which was hosted by Ahmet Altay Cengizer, T.R. Permanent Representative Ambassador at UNESCO, along with Öztürk. UNESCO ambassadors, historians, sociologists and academicians from French universities, business persons, press members and a large number of invitees watched the conference that has vital importance for the promotion of Turkey.