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OPET continues to support sports for the development and international achievements of Turkish sports. OPET assumed the energy sponsorship of our volleyball national teams, following football and basketball. OPET will supply the fuel of all federation vehicles for one year, as the official fuel supplier of the Volleyball National Teams, as per the agreement concluded between the Turkish Volleyball Federation and OPET. ‘Sultans of the Net’ took off for Japan for the World Volleyball Championship, following the signature ceremony.

OPET, the pioneer and innovative brand of the fuel oil sector, continues to support sports. OPET, which signed a sponsorship agreement also with the Turkish Volleyball Federation, following the Turkish Football Federation and Turkish Basketball Federation, will assume the energy sponsorship of the Sultans of Net and supply the fuel of all federation vehicles for one year. Turkish Volleyball Federation President Mehmet Akif Üstündağ, OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca and the entire national team attended the signature ceremony organized at Ataköy Sheraton Hotel. ‘Sultans of the Net' left for Japan in order to participate in the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) World Volleyball Championship that will be organized during September 29 – October 20, following the signature ceremony. The nationals who were seen off by OPET officials will compete with China, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada and Cuba in Group B at the FIVB World Volleyball Championship. The contests in Group B will be played in Sapporo city of Japan during September 29 – October 4, 2018. Following the group contests, the teams in the top 4 ranks of their groups will have their names written in the second round. 2 groups will be formed by cross-matching in the second round. The teams that rank in the top 3 as a result of the contests that will be played according to the single game league method, will advance to the third round. Again, 2 groups will be formed by cross-matching in the third round. The teams that are in the top two ranks following the played contests will advance to the semi-finals. The FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship will be completed with the final stage contests (final and third rank games), following the semi-finals.

OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca said the following at the signature ceremony:

“As OPET, the pioneer organization of the fuel oil distribution sector in Turkey, we are a company that aims to contribute in the formation of a conscious society and contribute in the values of this country, in addition to the superior quality products and services we offer at our stations. We shape our sponsorship understanding with this perspective in the general sense. Sports, which is an area that is adopted and supported by OPET, unites all of us in a common enthusiasm and triggers our feelings of unity and solidarity. And we, as you already know, have been conducting the energy sponsorship of our A National Football Team for a long time and our A National basketball Team since last year. We have crowned our support in this field by also becoming the sponsor of volleyball, which is one of the first branches that come to the minds in Turkey when we say success. The striking and spectacular achievements of our A National Woman Volleyball Team always make us very proud. As OPET, the sole domestic company among the major brands of our sector, we are proud and delighted to be included among the supporters of Turkish sports and the achievements in this field. We have gathered here today, both to announce our sponsorship and to see our team off with all our energy and best wishes. While we say "bon voyage" to our A National Woman Volleyball Team - the Sultans of the Net, we believe that they will represent our country with success at the World Volleyball Championship, and hope that they will play games that will swell us with pride and then return home with full enthusiasm.

The Turkish Volleyball Federation President Mehmet Akif Üstündağ, who also made a speech at the signature ceremony, said:  “We are appending our signature under another important agreement, as the Turkish Volleyball Federation. The new collaboration between TVF and OPET will start with the signatures that will be placed here today. The support of the sponsors are always a great power source on the path leading to success. We are very happy that we will work together in order for volleyball to come to much better positions in our country. I would to thank once more to all our sponsors and OPET, contributing in our objective to advance volleyball to higher levels. It is our common desire for this agreement, which brings two giant brands together, to continue for long years in mutual satisfaction."

TVF President Mehmet Akif Üstündağ also said; "Our A Woman National Team is leaving for Japan today, in order to compete in the FIVB Women's World Volleyball Championship.  We wish success to our National and believe that they will represent our country in the best possible way. I hope that we will celebrate their achievements all together.”

The Sultans of the Net, who are consistently successful in all tournaments they compete, ranked 2nd at the CEV Europe Women's Volleyball Championship hosted by Turkey in Ankara in 2003.  They achieved the rank of 6th in the world in the FIVB World Women's Volleyball Championship organized in 2010. The Nationals, who ranked 3rd in the CEV Europe Women's Volleyball Championship one year later, were third in the FIVB World Grand Prix in 2012 and reached their best rank in the Grand Prix period. They also obtained the London visa in Ankara the same year and then ranked ninth at the Olympic Games and achieved their best rank in this organization. They have filled our country with pride as the first national team that was entitled to compete in team sports in the Olympic Games, 52 years after 1960 Rome. The Sultans of the Net, who exhibited a perfect performance during the first European Games in history, organized in 2015 in Baku, the capitol city of Azerbaijan, climbed to the top step of the platform. Our Nationals, who came in 3rd at the 2017 CEV Europe Women’s Volleyball Championship, also appended their signature under a significant achievement in the FIVB Nationals League that was organized for the first time and completed this long-term tournament in the 2nd rank.

2018 FIVB a Women's World Volleyball Championship Contest Schedule

September 29: Turkey – Canada (Group B 1st Game)

September 30: Turkey – China (Group B 2nd Game)

October 1: Turkey – Bulgaria (Group B 3rd Game)

October 3: Turkey – Italy (Group B 4th Game)

October 4: Turkey – Cuba (Group B 5th Game)

October 7: Second Round Group First Game

October 8: Second Round Group Second Game

October 10: Second Round Group Third Game

October 11: Second Round Group Fourth Game

October 14: Third Round Group First Game

October 15: Second Round Group Second Game

October 16: Third Round Group Third Game

October 19: Semi-Finals

October 20: Third Position and Final Games