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Once more, the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the fuel sector did not change in the Turkey Customers' Voice Research.

OPET once more took the summit in the "Turkey Customer's Voice Research" conducted by KalDer and Ipsos collectively. Within the scope of the research based on customer loyalty, OPET was chosen as the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the fuel sector, similar to last year.

OPET, which has ranked at the peak of customer satisfaction since 2006 according to the researches conducted by KalDer, carried its achievement to the 11th year with this result.

The TMS - Turkey Customer's Voice research by KalDer (Turkey Quality Association) and Ipsos, focused on measuring and developing customer loyalty in the sectors, lent an ear to more than 20 thousand customers in 20 sectors guiding the Turkish economy and determined the actors that are quality focused in their sectors also this year.   The primary purpose of the Turkey Customer's Invoice (TMS) research, which KalDer and Ipsos have designed as focused on measuring and developing customer loyalty, setting off with the need for a national evaluation system that would also be a powerful economic indicator, is to assess companies within the scope of an independent research from the eyes of the customers and light the way for their sectors. According to the research, the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the fuel sector was OPET once more.

OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca, stating that they were proud to acquire a permanent place in the hearts of the customers, expressed his satisfaction with OPET’s ability to maintain its firm leadership. Ağca continued as follows: “It is very valuable for us to be chosen as the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the Turkey Customer's Voice research. We have been chosen as the 'Brand with the Highest Customer Satisfaction Level' in the customer satisfaction surveys conducted by KalDer since 2006. And, this means the registration of the satisfaction, loyalty and happiness we are able to create in our customers. We also carry titles such as ‘Lovemark- Brand Committed to with Love, Super brand, Brand with the Highest Esteem, Most Loved Company' in our sector in a sustainable manner and continue to be the unchanging leader of satisfaction. I would like to thank our dealers over 1500 all around Turkey and their employees, who carry our services to the consumer with care, and our stakeholders and our customers, for these awards. Besides our qualified products, we also position our stations visited by 500 thousand vehicles daily as service spots. We continue to show the value we give to our customers by continuing our studies with the Clean Restroom Campaign that we have been continuing for 17 years an our other result focused social responsibility projects, our cordial and hardworking service team, and high quality products. As a company that lends an ear to its customer's voice and understand his expectations, we will continue our pioneer role by focusing on the unachievable.”

Research Details

TMS – Turkey Customer's Voice Research has been conducted by Ipsos in collaboration with KalDer.   The research has been conducted with the computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) method through successful interviews with 21 thousand 533 individuals over 18 years' of age in total during February – December 2016. Every sector has been reported over at least 1500 responses. Within the scope of the research, over 340 thousand consumers residing in Turkey have been contacted without any province limitations. The results have been reported, overseeing compliance with the brand market shares in each sector, and using weighting when necessary.

TMS index is determined by analyzing the behavioral (past) and attitudinal (future) tendencies of the customers. Turkey Customer's Voice Research also digitizes strategic actions for both the sector in general and the brands as aimed for how the TMS index can be improved. Within the scope of the research, the topics about the sector that are shared in the social media throughout the year are analyzed by the “social listening” model. As a result of the analysis, what the customers talk about the sector at which platforms and at which tone are examined. The social media data are not evaluated only digitally, but are also examined and interpreted by qualitative experts. According to the research, personal affinity to the brand and the quality of the offered products and services lead among the most important topics that ensure the loyalty of customers to brands. TMS Index has been designed to explain customer behavior with more detailed and rational data that matrices such as “Brand Recommendation” and “Tendency to Continue to Use the Brand in the Future”.