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OPET stops printing paper slips in “Opet Card” transactions as part of the “GreenRoad Project” that it maintains with the goal of a greener Turkey.  With the savings to be achieved within the scope of this practice which is a first in the sector, it is planned to carry out afforestation works that will spread all over Turkey, starting from the Menemen district of İzmir.  Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to plant 1,170 saplings in İzmir at the first stage.

OPET continues tomakeadifferencewithitsinnovative works, long-term and inclusive social responsibility projects within the scope of its sustainability strategy.  OPET which aims to spread environmental awareness throughout the society, has been continuing its Green Road Project since 2004 with the slogan "Those who loses green, loses life". OPET is now launching a new application that will contribute to nature within the scope of the Green Road project.  OPET will stop printing paper slips for fuel points or spending information earned in fuel transactions made with the "Opet Card" at its stations all over Turkey, and afforestation works will be carried out within the scope of the Green Road project with the savings to be achieved.  The first stop of the afforestation work is Izmir.  A total of 1,170 saplings consisting of acacia, lilac, gulmohar tree, dwarf scarlet firethorn and roses were planted on an area of 6100 m2 at the Opet Market and Akaryakıt İşletmeciliği A.Ş station in Menemen, İzmir.


OPET customers will now be able to access information about their transactions with Opet Card from Technopod devices at stations, Opet Mobile application, Opet Online Transaction Center and 6738 short SMS channel, instead of paper slips.  Stating that they focus on sustainability and leaving a more livable world to future generations in all their activities, OPET General Manager Cuneyt Agca said, “We are ending the paper slip era at our stations and planting saplings instead.  Our goal is a greener Turkey.  We continued to be preferred by our consumers due to the Clean Toilet Campaign, which is led by us during the pandemic period.  The importance and value of our campaign for public health, which has been going on since 2000, has been better understood with the epidemic.  We developed our decision to end the printing of paper slips in line with an idea that emerged from the project groups we created within the company.  Our “Green Road” project, which we started in 2004, is a result of our sensitivity to the environment.  We planted trees around our stations and public spaces, and organized educational activities to raise awareness of our society on the environment.  With the "Green Road Project", it was aimed not only to maintain an environmentalist activity at OPET level, but also to spread environmental awareness throughout the society through awareness raising and cooperation efforts on this matter.  In this project which we maintain with the aim of protecting and increasing the vegetation with long-term afforestation initiatives, we raise awareness of our society with trainings and sapling planting activities.  With the “Green Road Project”, we have planted more than 1 million plants in our stations and in treeless areas determined by municipalities.  We have greened our stations and their surroundings, parks and boulevards in city centers.  We have established OPET forests around the province”.

OPET which is positioned as a pioneer in its sector with the vision of contributing to the formation of a conscious society since its establishment, focuses on the benefit of society and constructs social responsibility projects with high social impact and sustainability.  Apart from the Green Road Project, OPET carries out Clean Toilet Campaign, Exemplary Village Project, Respect for History Project, Traffic Detectives Project, Arkeo-Koy Tevfikiye and Etno-koy Naked and Women's Power Projects.