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In this advertorial, where Cem Yılmaz takes part with his son Kemal, our children are invited to celebrate this meaningful festival at their homes.

Since entire Turkey is persisting social isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic, this year the celebrations for April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day will be realized at homes, balconies and windows. In this advertorial that features Cem Yılmaz, whom OPET has collaborated anew after a long break, with his son Kemal Yılmaz appeal to all children calling them to celebrate the 100th anniversary of April 23 with great enthusiasm whatever the circumstances are. 

Cem Yılmaz addresses all children right in front of the window where father and son reflect their passion for April 23 by decorating it with hand-made accessories, and says;

“It is difficult to say 'difficult' to the children of this country. It is difficult to say that we will not be able to appear at schools or the squares... The national soverignty won in most difficult times is entrusted to them, and the festival is a present for them. If the enthusiasm of April 23 cannot be experienced on the squares, we will have it at our homes. If we cannot celebrate it at classrooms or in schools, we will do that at balconies and on windows. Every place will be decorated with flags, and we will sing altogether anthems and songs." 

… upon this when Cem Yılmaz asks “Do you promise children?” the children of OPET's employees respond with great joy and enthusiasm which is proper for the 100th year anniversary of the festival. 

The Cast Mates of Yılmaz are Minor Opet Followers!

In the special advertorial shot for the 100th year of the Republic of Turkey that was founded under extreme difficult circumstances by the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Cem Yılmaz came before the cameras with his son for the first time. The movie was shot with a small team in meticulous efforts for preserving social isolation and protective measures. In this movie, the children of OPET employees promise for preserving and celebrating our festival whatever the circumstances are in movies shot at their homes by their parents or relatives.