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OPET will share EURO 2016 excitement every minute in social media through SOBE, its real time platform, which provides live content in social media. Sports show host Okay Karacan will go to France with SOBE, and follow Euro 2016 preparations, quarter finals, semi finals and final match for all football enthusiasts. He will share the most special views live onsite on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts with all OPET followers.

OPET, as the Official Fuel Supplier of the National Teams of Turkish Football Federation, will not leave the National Team alone in France, either. Starting a new era by providing live content in sosya media with the slogan “More Social Media”, SOBE sets off to France to support our National Team A, who will participate in European Football Championship Euro 2016. Cooperating with well-known sports host Okay Karacan, and adopting a sincere, warm and real time communication, OPET will share the events taking place before, during and after Euro 2016 on-site and instantly in social media through SOBE.

“Okay Karacan’la SOBE” (SOBE with Okay Karacan) will keep you in touch with the championship and give ideas on how time flows in cities where the matches will be played. Karacan will share Euro 2016 preparations, and quarter final, semi final and final games with all his followers on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat accounts.

Instead of creating social media contents on a desk in an office, OPET embraces life and shares live broadcasts with SOBE, which it activated in November. SOBE vehicle shares instantaneous and live social media contents on various issues at various locations.

You can follow OPET’s Euro 2016 adventure, which it has set off together with its social meeting team SOBE and Okay Karacan, from @opettr account in Snapchat.