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OPET became once again the "Brand of the Year" in the Campaign Türkiye Agency & Brand of the Year Awards. The winners of the second year of the competition are selected by evaluating their national and international awards throughout the year. OPET was granted the brand of the year award for the second time under the category of "Automotive Products & Services & Supply Industry".

OPET, the leading brand in the fuel industry in terms of customer satisfaction, was granted the "Brand of the Year" in the Campaign Türkiye Agency & Brand of the Year Awards. OPET was deemed worthy of the award as the leader under the category of "Automotive Products & Services & Supply Industry" for its successful operations it realized in 2018. The awards were presented to the brands and agencies, which were determined by the verification of the national and international awards received during the year by an independent audit firm, with a ceremony held on July 10, 2019 at the Consulate General of England, Pera Garden Istanbul.

OPET General Manager, Cüneyt Ağca, said in a statement on the subject, that OPET delivers high quality service to its customers at over 1600 stations across Turkey.“In our fuel stations, we provide alternative services to our customers in addition to meeting all kinds of needs of vehicles. When developing our products and services, we create added value with our sustainable and result-oriented social responsibility projects targeting social issues and maintain our place at the top of customer satisfaction. We are extremely pleased that the results of these activities are appreciated with the awards we receive. We are very pleased and proud to have crowned all of our awards with the Brand of the Year award that was granted to us” said Ağca, stating that they act with the vision of supporting the customers at every moment of life.

The "Brand of the Year" Two Years in a Row

OPET was also granted the “Brand of the Year” award last year at the Campaign Türkiye Agency & Brand of the Year Awards, which was held for the second time this year. Awards were given in the ceremony to the brands that achieved great success in 2018 in the fields of communication, advertising, media and marketing communication. All the ranks that the agencies and brands received in national, regional and international competitions between January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018 are taken into consideration in the Campaign Agency & Brand of the Year, one of the most prestigious awards in the world. All data obtained are shared with the agencies and brands, and verified by the international audit company, PWC Türkiye, after the confirmation of their accuracy. The winners are finally determined by Campaign Türkiye based on categories with the 'multipliers" determined under completely objective criteria.