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Fuel points for Ultramarket purchases, big sale on the blue shelf at OPET.

OPET signs up for two campaigns that will last the entire year on the latest market concept Ultramarket. While shoppers at Ultramarkets earn fuel points equal to 5 percent of the selected category shopping amount, the “Opportunity Products of the Month on the Blue Shelf” campaign offers discounts of up to 50 percent on selected products special to that month for purchases of 50 TL or more each month.

OPET signs up for two different campaigns that will continue throughout the year in Ultramarkets, where all kinds of needs are met and it aims to become a frequent destination for its customers. Within the scope of the fuel points campaign that will continue at contracted stations until the end of 2021, customers are given fuel points at the rate of 5 percent of the total amount of their purchases in selected categories in the Ultramarkets with Opet Card or any password-enabled card or mobile phone. Customers who make purchases from the brand categories In bakery by Divan, Lipton (brewed cup of tea), Dardanel, Toyzz Shop, Ttec, Automix, Rossmann, Can Yayınları, Uno in Ultramarkets can benefit from the campaign. The fuel points earned from the campaign using the Opet Card or any card with a password or using their mobile phone number to the shopkeeper can be used until the end of the year.

Discount on Different Products Every Month in Blue Shelf

OPET, with its "Opportunity Products of the Month on the Blue Shelf" Campaign, offers its customers, via the product of the month campaign, selected products with discounts of up to 50 percent, for all purchases at Ultramarkets with the Opet Card / any password-enabled card or mobile phone, except for cigarettes and freshly brewed coffee that exceeds 50 TL. Within the scope of the campaign that will continue until the end of the year, special discounts will be defined for different products every month. OPET plans to offer benefits to its customers with 20 different campaigns by the end of the year within the framework of the Ultramarket concept.