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OPET, which presented the Globi Dessert of Antiquity to Çanakkale under the name of the Troy Dessert, organized the "Çanakkale Troy Dessert" workshop for the chefs with the Çanakkale Professional Chefs' Federation.

OPET, which has been protecting the history of the region with its "Respect for History Project" it has carried out in Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula for 13 years, turned Tevfikiye Village into the Archaeo-village in 2018, the Year of Troy. OPET, which presented the Globi Dessert of Antiquity to Çanakkale under the name of the Troy Dessert under the project, it organized again the dessert-making workshop that was held last year for the first time The students from Çanakkale 18 Mart University, Faculty of Tourism, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Kepez Tourism Application School, Nedime Hanım Girls' Vocational High School as well as the chiefs of the restaurants and hotels in Çanakkale participated in the dessert-making workshop held by OPET and Çanakkale Professional Chefs' Federation in Çanak Hotel on 11 February. Information on the Antiquity food culture was also given at the workshop that was held for approximately 80 participants. At the end of the organization, the chefs were awarded a certificate on the making of the Troy Dessert.

Members of Çanakkale Commodity Exchange, Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Çanakkale Hotel Operators Association, Marmara Chefs and Pastry Cook's Federation, Çanakkale Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Chamber of Restauranteurs were also present in the workshop.

The Troy Dessert's Formula

“Çanakkale Troy Dessert” is prepared as inspired by the foods eaten in the Trojan period. This desert is made with curd cheese, honey, sesame seeds and olive oil that were used extensively in the Trojan period. It acquires an unmatched taste by being cooked with apples, cinnamon and honey that were frequently used in the Trojan period. 

About the OPET Tevfikiye Archaeo-Village Project

 Continuing to protect the history of the region with the “Respect for History Project” it has been carrying out at Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula for 12 years, OPET completed the rehabilitation and restoration studies at Tevfikiye Village, which stands out by its history, mythological, cultural and natural beauties, in 2018, the Year of Troy. Tevfikiye Village was turned into an archeo-village, qualifying as an outdoor museum reflecting the atmosphere and historical and mythological assets of the Trojan period with its buildings and figures with the studies carried out by OPET.  

Working with all institutions and organizations for the evaluation of the Ancient City of Troy, which includes every element of Çanakkale and its people in terms of history, culture, tourism development and economic development, OPET, turned Tevfikiye village, located next to the archaeological site of Try, the world cultural heritage and just opposite to the Troy museum, into an archaeo-village having the traces of the history of Troy.   There were courses for the people of the village in Tevfikiye where people take a break, stroll around and may buy organic fruits-vegetables and souvenirs during the visits to Troy and life quality was increased in the region. OPET aims to bring Tevfikiye Village to a position that will be able to offer the best services to the domestic and foreign tourists coming to the region.