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As being organized in 87 countries worldwide, "Superbrands of Turkey-2014" being organized biennially in Turkey...

OPET, the one and only fuel-oil company entered for the list of the "Superbrands of Turkey", being organized by "Superbrands", an independent authority in the field of brand management and marketing, has been elected as a "Super Brand" for the second time.

As a result of the survey, conducted by Superbrands, an international brand assessment organization, Turkish Selection Committee, consisted of the prominent figures of the business and communication world, and by The Nielsen Company, 43 brands have been qualified to become "Turkish Superbrands of 2014". OPET, ranked among these brands, has become the only fuel-oil company entered for the list of "Turkish Superbrands". OPET, ranked among these brands, has become the only fuel-oil company entered for the list of "Turkish Superbrands". In the survey, having been made in Turkey for ten years, OPET has been awarded with this title for the second time. At the award ceremony organized by Superbrands at Grand Hyatt İstanbul Hotel on September 15th, Superbrands of Turkey have received their awards. Having taken the stage at the award ceremony, Ali Poyrazoğlu livened up the night with his stirring presentation emphasizing the significance of becoming a brand. While the brands selected as Superbrands were presented by Poyrazoğlu one by one, Assistant Director-General, Timuçin Güler received the award in the name of OPET. Poyrazoğlu said in the meantime that, “I am also an OPET customer. Apart from its cheery and civilized personnel, I prefer OPET for making the difference by way of being attentive to an issue being neglected Turkey-wide. It is Turkey's exemplary and preferred brand of Turkey thanks to its clean toilets.

I congratulate them once again personally” Assistant Director-General of OPET, Timuçin Güler, on the other hand, said that “Having been retaining its leadership in the field of customer satisfaction for 9 years, OPET is the difference-making brand of its sector thanks to its sense of social responsibility. We are proud to add "Superbrand" among other titles of ours, namely ‘Lovemark - the brand cordially loved', ‘the most liked’, ‘the most appreciated’, ‘the most mentioned’ . All these awards bear us new responsibilities in terms of providing better services to our customers, and raising our standards to higher levels. As OPET, we will go on our Journey to the Perfection”.

In the election of the superbrands, not only the superiority of a company, but also the criteria, including its technology, investments, manpower quality, creativity, its investment in branding and continuity of its brand, contribution in social responsibility projects, environmental awareness, pursuance of ethic values, and its rank in the taxpayers' list are taken into consideration. As being an independent authority in the field of brand management and marketing, Superbrands provides for the worldwide election and recognition of companies overachieving in the field of brand management.

How are the Superbrands of Turkey elected?

‘Superbrands’ Survey is performed in 88 countries worldwide, and is performed biennially in Turkey. Over a list consisting of 1089 brands fulfilling the criteria, the members of Turkish Selection Committee gave the first mark coming to their mind from 1 to 20 to each brand on the basis of the Superbrand concept. At the end of the polling, the marks given to each brand were added up, and the brands having got the passing marks were singled out. 300 brands having been singled out by the Selecion Committee were evaluated by Nielsen by way of face-to-face surveying with 1600 persons from all SES groups (male-female) within an age range of 18-56 in the cities of İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir.

The Nielsen Company

Having been established in America by Arthur C. Nielsen Sr., among the founders of the contemporary marketing survey sector, in 1923, The Nielsen Company has introduced countless novelties in the consumer-oriented marketing and media surveys; and developed the reliable retailer evaluation technique, bringing about the performance analysis of the competitors, effect of marketing and sales programs on the sales and profits, and objective information as well. Nielsen currently sustains its reputable and prominent position in the field of market surveys worldwide.