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OPET, staking a claim on the Gallipoli Peninsula and the history of the region by the "Respect for History" project it has been conducting for 12 years, adopted "Globi" - the dessert of the antique age - and offered it to the region as the "Çanakkale Trojan Dessert" within the scope of the 2018 Trojan Year. The recipe and the method to prepare the dessert, which will be added to the menus of the restaurants and hotels in Çanakkale, were shared with the chefs of restaurants and hotels in Çanakkale by Chef Özlem Mekik with the workshop.  

"While OPET, which has been endeavoring for the Gallipoli Peninsula to acquire a contemporary outlook by protecting its natural texture within the scope of the "Respect for History" project, continues the rehabilitation studies of the Tevfikiye Village in the Trojan region in the "2018 Trojan Year" on one hand, it now offers Globi that is the dessert of the Antique Age to the region. The dessert, which Chef Özlem Mekik has re-created with a different touch, will be added to the menus of restaurants and hotels in Çanakkale under the name of the “Çanakkale Trojan Dessert”. The preparation of the "Çanakkale Trojan Dessert" was introduced to the chefs of restaurants and hotels in Çanakkale by Özlem Mekik at the dessert cooking workshop organized at Kolin Hotel on September 26 within this scope.

The workshop was attended by Çanakkale Deputy Governors Turan YILMAZ, Abdullah KÖKLÜ and Tahir ŞAHİN, Çanakkale Touristic Hotels Association Chairperson, Trojan Year Executive Board Member Armağan AYDEĞER, Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks Mevlüt Özyanık, Çanakkale Provincial Director of Culture Kemal DOKUZ, and representatives of Marmara Cooks and Pastry-cooks Federation, Çanakkale Professional Cooks Association, Çanakkale Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, and Chamber of Restaurateurs. Information on the Antique Age food culture was also given at this workshop that was offered to approximately 40 chefs.

“Çanakkale Trojan Dessert” is prepared as inspired by fruit grown in the Trojan period. In addition, it is flavored with curd cheese, honey, sesame seeds and olive oil that were used extensively in the Trojan period. “Globi”, or with its new name “Çanakkale Trojan Dessert”, acquires an unmatched taste by being cooked with apples, cinnamon and honey that were frequently used in the Trojan period.  

About OPET Tevfikiye Archeo-Village Project

OPET, aiming to stake a claim on the history of the region with the “Respect for History” it has been carrying out at Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula for 12 years, completed the rehabilitation and restoration studies at Tevfikiye Village, which stands out by its history, mythological, cultural and natural beauties, in “2018 Trojan Year”. Tevfikiye Village was transformed into an archeo-village, qualifying as an outdoor museum reflecting the atmosphere and historical and mythological assets of the Trojan period with its buildings and figures with the studies carried out by OPET. 

The most important point that has influenced OPET, which has volunteered to work with all institutions and organizations in order to evaluate Antique Troy City that houses all elements for the growth and economic development of Çanakkale and the local community with respect to history, culture and tourism, to start these studies with Tevfikiye Village has been the fact that visitors who will go to the Trojan Archaeological Site, a culture treasure of the world, and the Trojan Museum, which will be opened in the coming days, will pass from the entrance road to this village. It has been intended to transform Tevfikiye into a village to take a break, tour, shop for fruits-vegetables and souvenirs during these visits and see motifs from Trojan history. While the restoration of the village was continued on one hand, courses on different topics were started in collaboration with the Çanakkale Directorate of Public Education Center as aimed for the village community and increase the quality of social life in the region. OPET aims to bring Tevfikiye Village to a position that will be able to offer the best services to the domestic and foreign tourists coming to the region.