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According to the 5th research carried out by Turkish Reputation Academy (Türkiye İtibar Akademisi), OPET is the most reputable fuel brand in Turkey. The results of 5th “Turkish Reputation Index Survey” carried out by Turkish Reputation Academy (TRA) has been released. According to the explanation of Academy: 4 thousand 800 people all across Turkey have been called by phone between January – June 2016, in the scope of survey, which investigated 20 different sectors, and for which computer-assisted telephone interview method was adopted. OPET was the answer for the question “Which is the most reputable fuel brand?” of 42.4 percent of those who participated in the survey, and OPET has been chosen as the most reputable fuel brand in Turkey. The reputation score of 17 fuel oil brands has been evaluated in the scope of the survey. The score of nearest competitor of OPET is 20.5 percent, and people participating in survey has defined OPET as “an innovative company, which contributes to Turkish economy, and provides goods and service in international standards.” The academic audit of the report being considered as an orientation tool required for the implementation of perceived value and future vision of brands was performed by Yıldız Technical University Statistics Department. OPET petrol stations being the constant leader of customer satisfaction in fuel oil sector, maintains its challenge of “journey to perfection” by new goods and services, call centers, and operations on internet. Enriching Turkey by participation to civil society initiatives, OPET stands out by creating its vision on innovation and improvement, and by breaking grounds with its technologic products.

Survey Methodology

Turkish Reputation Index Survey was performed by CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview) method, between 1st of January 2016 and 31th of June 2016. 73 percent of those participating in the survey were male, while 27 percent were female. Participants of survey, which consists of 8 main sections, were asked “Which is the most reputable fuel brand in Turkey?”, and the analysis has been carried out in subsections according to sectors. Survey