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OPET, which maintained its second position in the sector by increasing its market share to over 19 percent in 2019; aims to increase its market share to 19.5 percent in 2020 with its innovative perspective and customer-oriented works. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca said “As OPET, our main target is to be the market leader in 2022. We are making all our plans in line with this goal. ” 

OPET, one of the Turkey's leading fuel distribution company, continued to grow in 2019 with its customer-oriented business approach in line with the driving force of the work it has realized. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca held a press meeting to evaluate OPET's performance in 2019 and to share 2020 goals. Cüneyt Ağca said, “In the fuel distribution market that reduced in 2018 and did not change in 2019, we achieved the highest growth in the sector with 5 percent and increased our market share to over 19 percent.” Stating that they expect the market to grow 1.5 percent in 2020, Ağca stated that they aim OPET to reach 19.5 percent market share by growing 4 percent. 

Stating that the fuel distribution sector was following a horizontal trend in 2019, Cüneyt Ağca continued as follows: “In 2019, OPET achieved significant success with its high sales volume on a monthly basis and reached the highest market share in its history. Our target is to be the market leader in 2022 in line with our strategy by protecting these successes. ” 

The Number of Ultramarket Will Rise to 200 in 2020 

Stating that they aim to provide 10-15 percent of the income from incomes other than fuel oil in 2020, Cüneyt Ağca continued as follows: “As OPET, with our high quality products, different services at our stations, our campaigns we offer to our customers, our sensitivity to customer satisfaction and social responsibility projects, we continue to be the most preferred brand of our customers for 15 years. At the beginning of 2019, we signed a big retail move that will change the standards in the sector and we started our efforts to transform the 'Fullmarkets' in our stations to 'Ultramarket', which contains more than 1000 products in 10 categories. Currently we have 74 Ultramarket at different locations in Turkey, we plan to reach 100 until the end of the year and to double this number, with 200 Ultramarket stations next year."  

Cüneyt Ağca stated that they are the main sponsor of the Retail Days held on 4-5 December and that they will take part in the fair, and that they will organize a stimulating session that explains the change in the retail industry and world trends. Stating that they offer alternative services to their customers as well as to all kinds of vehicles at fuel stations, Ağca said, “With the Ultramarket concept, in heavy traffic or during the journey, we have become a frequent destination for refreshment, renewal and all kinds of needs. We have made our stations a living space where our customers can have a pleasant time. ” Emphasizing that they are cooperating with the best brands of their fields within the scope of the transformation, Ağca said in addition to “Divan Group's“ in Bakery by Divan ”brand, Koçtaş, which offers all kinds of ideas and solutions in the development of a house, they added Lipton's fresh brewing tea as well as coffee's indispensable name, Starbucks. In addition to Dardanel's brand “Mister No”, we have enriched our concept with Rossmann, the well-known brand of Germany in personal care and cosmetics, Ttec in technological products and Automix in vehicle care products. In toy category, we added “Toyzz Shop on the Road”, which was developed specifically for the Ultramarket project, to our product group for children.

Stating that they are planning investment and communication support for Sunpet, the second brand of OPET, in 2020, Cüneyt Ağca said "We will speed up our work on Sunpet, and we plan to increase the number of dealers with additional stations. ” 

Cüneyt Ağca, who also gave information about the ADBlue product, which has become mandatory to use in new technology diesel engines, and its investments in this regard, said, “We offer our customers high quality ADBlue product with OPET standard in this regard." 

“We Make Emotional Bonds With Our Customers”

Stating that OPET was chosen again as  “Lovemark” this year, Ağca continued her words as follows: “Our most important feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is our care for customer satisfaction and our works on this regard. Beyond being a fuel distribution brand, we have a permanent place in our customers' lives. Because we listen to our customers, understand their expectations and do in all circumstances what cannot be done . We work with the goal of protecting and exceeding our current standards with the feedback we receive. ” 

Stating that OPET acts with the awareness of its responsibility towards the society as well as its superior service target, Cüneyt Ağca said, “We make a difference with the social responsibility projects we implement. With our Clean Toilet Campaign, which was closely followed up by Turkey and created a major change, we have achieved a major change of awareness with respect to cleaning and hygiene.  Our Women's Power project is growing faster every day and ensures that the perception that the profession is not gender-dependant is adopted at the social level. On the other hand, we continue to add value to our country with our Green Road, Model Village, Respect for History and Traffic Detectives Projects and works in the Troya region. "He said.