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OPET, which continues to support sports for the development and international achievement of Turkish sports, became the main sponsor of the Fenerbahçe Women's Basketball Team following the sponsorship of the national football, basketball and volleyball teams. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca noted that they will support the ‘Yellow Angels’ as their main sponsor throughout the 2018-2019 season and said, “As OPET, we will continue to contribute in activities that will advance Turkish sports further.”

OPET, the leading brand of the fuel oil sector in customer satisfaction, assumed the main sponsorship of the Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball Team, following the A National Football, A National Basketball and A National Women's Volleyball teams. OPET will be the name and jersey chest sponsor of the team. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca, who noted that they continued to support Turkish sports as a brand that is sensitive to the environment, sports, culture and the requirements of the society, continued as follows: “As OPET, we are a company aiming to contribute in the values of our country and the development of a conscious society in addition to the high quality products and services we offer at our stations. We are very proud and happy to serve Turkish sports and share the achievements of our clubs with this goal.”

Continued Support to Turkish Sports

Ağca, mentioning the significant achievements of Turkish volleyball both in Turkey and the world, stated “We take pride in seeing the OPET logo on the jersey of a team that has won the world championship and represented Turkey in the European tournaments, whose main sponsorship we have assumed by this agreement. We eagerly continue our activities aimed for gender equality and the presence of women in all areas in life, by our "Woman Power" project that supports the employment of women as fuel sales assistants in all our stations throughout Turkey. Meanwhile sports, which is an area that is adopted and supported by OPET, unites all of us in a common enthusiasm and triggers our feelings of unity and solidarity. We will continue our supports in sports in order for Turkish sports to advance further and increase its international achievements.

OPET, which has been the energy sponsor of the A National Football Team for many years and assumed the energy sponsorship of the A National Basketball Team since last year, has also started to contribute to Turkish volleyball with the A National Women's Volleyball Team sponsorship that has been realized during the recent months. OPET will continue to support the Yellow Angels throughout the 2018-2019 season within the scope of the main sponsorship agreement signed with the Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball Team.

About Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball Team

Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball Team, which has appended its signature under major achievements in Turkey and the world since its establishment, has carried volleyball to an important point in the country's sports and made significant contributions in the establishment of the tribune culture. Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball Team was the first team that represented Turkey in the European cups. Fenerbahçe achieved one of the biggest successes of Turkish sports by winning the World Championship in Qatar in 2010. Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball Team, which completed the 2008-2009 season as champion in the Turkish First Volleyball League for the first time in its history, ranked 3rd in Europe at the Europe Women's CEV Cup the same year. The Yellow Angels started the 2009-2010 season with the Super Cup and won the Turkish Cup for the first time in its history, completed the normal season as undefeated and became the champion for two years in a row by its successes in the play-offs. Our Yellow Angels advanced to the finals by defeating the host Cannes team at the European Indesit Champions League and ranked 2nd in Europe in 2010. Fenerbahçe, which hosted the European Champions League in 2010-11, was entitled to participate in the Final Four directly and the Yellow Angels completed the tournament as 3rd in Europe. The team achieved the CEV Champions League Championship in the 2011-2012 season and added further success to its successes with the CEV European Cup Championship achieved in 2013-2014. The Yellow Angels, who were crowned as champion for the 4th time in the league in the 2014-15 season, completed 5 out of 7 games with victory in the league this season and started their journey in the CEV Champions League also with a victory.

About OPET

OPET, the unchanging leader of the fuel oil distribution sector in customer satisfaction, operates in the fields of mineral oil and jet fuel with its affiliates as well as retail, commercial and industrial sales, storage and international trade of fuel oil. OPET, which attracts attention by its new products and services, rapidly expanding station network and social responsibility projects that make a difference, is the sole domestic company among the major actors of the sector. OPET has more than 1600 stations together with its SUNPET brand. OPET has a storage capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters, which offers a major competitive advantage in the market, and is also known as the brand that uses technology the best in the fuel oil sector. OPET has appended its signature under another first in the sector by its ‘Smart Fueling System’ project that records its customers and their vehicles in the pump system in the electronic media and ensures that the correct fuel is purchased in all fuel oil stations in Turkey. OPET has been chosen as the 'Brand with highest customer loyalty' for 12 years by KalDer (Turkish Quality Association) and also holds titles such as ‘Superbrands’ and Lovemark. OPET continues to stand beside its customers with brand new projects, products and services by its “Journey to Perfection” approach.