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New commercials from the "Opet Makes a Difference" ad campaign, launched by OPET in cooperation with Cem Yılmaz, met with the audience. In the new movie of the series, which includes the adventures of Faruk Etmez, the owner of Farketmez Petrol, who considers OPET as a rival, the difference of OPET's Ultra Force fuel is reflected on the screens with its outstanding performance and cost-saving features. In the movie, Cem Yilmaz is accompanied by Turkey's youngest Rally women's champion, Burcu Burkut Ecolul.

New sections of the "Opet Makes A Difference" advertising campaign, which OPET has long  highlighted what it has brought to the industry, have met the audience. In the advertisement Cem Yılmaz, the face of the OPET brand, appears before the audience as Faruk Etmez, the owner of Farketmez Petrol, who emulates OPET while considering it to be a rival. Faruk Etmez, following all the novelties in OPET attentively, does not refrain from challenging OPET, the leader of change and innovation in the sector, despite the way of service of Farketmez Petroleum and its top to toe deficiencies.


In the series's new films, Faruk Etmez hits the road, the performance stage of OPET. This time, Faruk Etmez puts Ultra Force under the scope. Faruk, who decided to do field research to study the performance of Ultra Force, is gets in the car of Burcu Burkut Ecolul,  Turkish Rally Champion. Erenkul demonstrates the hands-on performance of Ultra Force to Faruk. During the 4-day shoot of commercial movies in June, social isolation rules and protection measures were meticulously implemented. The shooting of road scenes was carried out in an area closed to traffic and the in-car plans were drawn on the special 4 Dof Motion platforms installed. The movies bearing the signature of Medina Turgul DDB were directed by master director Ozan Açktan.

About the ongoing co-operation with OPET, Cem Yılmaz said,  "Comedy is an effective, but painful instrument in the world of advertising... when introducing a product, a service, if you work with a brand that is safe, it's a very important comfort and a joy. Those beautiful films we made  in the first years of working with OPET have always been the work of this self-confidence. Working with professionals who add value to the sector that takes its addressee seriously and sets the standard encourages me to do better."

In his speech at the meeting, Executive Vice President of Marketing Murat Zengin,  said that OPET, in addition to meeting all the needs of vehicles at OPET's fuel stations, maintains its place at the top of customer satisfaction with its social responsibility projects and alternative services offered to its customers. Zengin said, "OPET, a human-centered brand, has been transforming the fuel industry in our country since its creation. We highlighted this mission in the early movies of our ad campaign. In our ongoing movies, we focus on our products and services. We will have two new movies. In our first film, we introduced the difference of ultra-Force, our energy-efficient fuel, which offers great performance and savings. We thought that one of the names that could best explain this difference would be Turkey's youngest female rally champion, Burcu Burkut Erenkul. We created a very energetic commercial. Accompanied by Faruk Etmez, we will continue to monitor our products, services and projects as part of our superior understanding of service." 


The power of OPET Ultra Force and Eco Force to clean up and improve motors and disruptions based on non-additive fuels is tested by methodologies that meet the standards of leading scientific organizations like CEC ("The Coordinating European Council"), UN ECE ("United Nations European Comission for Europe") and ASTM ("American Society for Testing and Materials"). In the tests made with the diesel product, it has been observed that the Ultra Force Diesel additive restores vehicle performance, while in the tests conducted with Eco Force Diesel additive, an improvement in vehicle performance was detected. In tests with gasoline product, it has been determined that Ultra Force 95 Octane Unleaded Gasoline additive cleans the engine and its components and prevents contamination to a large extent, while it has been also observed that it improves the friction in the components up to a minimum of 35.6 and a maximum of 40.5. Cleaning, friction improvement and performance increase rates all vary depending on the type of each vehicle, age, condition, weather/road conditions, and driving style. The cold filter blocking point reducing agent in the formula of OPET Ultra Force and Eco Force Diesel delays the waxing of the fuel, while doint that, it provides protection against fuel clogging of vehicle filters in cold weather and also delays freezing. So it helps to run the vehicle in cold weather. It has been tested by the Accredited Laboratory that the SFTN of OPET Ultra Force and Eco Force Diesel reaches lower temperatures than non-additive fuels.