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Studies are continued at full speed within the scope of the "Traffic Detectives Project", which is being continued for 4 years with the support of OPET and has allowed to access almost 3 million students so far. The number of project instructors, who have completed the "Road Users Instructor Training" that has been organized last week within the scope of the project and will raise the new "Traffic Detectives" as project instructors at the provinces where they serve, has reached 600. Meanwhile, 250 more students who have attended the 'traffic safety' training became "Traffic Detectives" at the opening ceremony of the Highway Safety and Traffic Week organized in Ankara.

The highway Safety and Traffic Week started with a ceremony organized at the Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Congress Center at Mamak, Ankara. The ceremony, which started with a mini concert by the Police Band, continued with the Provincial Directorate of National Education "Traffic Children's Choir Concert", following the protocol speeches. While 250 students from Mamak Abidinpaşa Elementary School and 75th Year Elementary School were given traffic safety training within the scope of the “Traffic Detectives Project”, the seat belt simulator tool was introduced to and offered to the use of the guests.

The ceremony was attended by Security Vice General Director Mehmet Akdeniz, Traffic Trainings and Research Department Vice President Tamer Koç, and Ankara Security Directorate Traffic Inspection Branch Director Kubilay Taşkın. In the "Traffic Detectives" training given by the special instructor staff affiliated with Ankara Security Directorate Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate given during the ceremony, the students have been briefed on how the traffic rules may be used effectively in daily life. The students were ensured to take an active part in the sample incidents with interactive training. While the films and training booklets prepared for the project were shared with the participants, OPET’s mascot OPEDO also added color to the organization.

In Antalya, at Sentido Zeynep Golf Resort “Traffic Detectives Road Use and Instructor Training” was organized, through the collaboration of OPET and Security General Directorate Training and Development Department Presidency. 300 traffic police officers, who have attended the training from different provinces in Turkey, have completed their studies and received their certificates. The number of project instructors, who will start giving Traffic Detectives training to the students in the schools in the provinces where they serve, has reached 600. The subjects that are handled are Experiential Learning Cycle, Child and Adult Education Principles, Child and Adult Communication Skills and Empathy, Development – Learning, Child and Adult Education Similarities and Differences, Course Plan Preparation, Course Teaching by Animation and Presentation Method in the trainings that are given by instructors who are specialized in their fields, in groups as theoretical and interactive in 8 different classes.

Sensitive Candidate Drivers of the Future are Raised with the Traffic Detectives Project

The "Traffic Detectives Project", conducted in order to prevent the traffic accidents that are among the most important problems of Turkey and raise more conscious generations, in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and   Social Policies, Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Security, Ministry of National Education, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Police Spouses Bonding and Solidarity Association (PEKAY) and OPET, aims to transform the candidate drivers of the future into individuals who really know the traffic rules and assume responsibilities in this respect.  In the project that is aimed to instill traffic awareness in almost 3 million children and teenagers of 3-17 years' of age, and indirectly their families, the children and teenagers who participate in the trainings receive the 'Traffic Detective' title and are expected to develop a conscious behavior model with respect to traffic.  When we look at the statistics for the 2013-2015 period, when the Project has been implemented, they indicate that the death ratio of children in fatal accidents has been decreased by 3.7 percent. The trainings are organized under the headings of traffic signs and signboards, seat belts and child protection systems, use of pedestrian crossing, over- and under-passes, safe bicycle riding, pedestrian safety, visibility, safe travel in the vehicle, street crossing and safe play areas.  With the ‘Traffic Detectives Project’, it is intended to create an awareness regarding the traffic rules and change the current perception, and thus transform Turkey into a country with safe traffic, and comfortable traveling in the future.

Please Put on your "Life Belt" in Order to Remain Alive and Healthy!

OPET, which aims to transform roads into pleasant and safe trips, by raising the awareness of adults, as well as children and teenagers, within the scope of the Traffic Detectives Project. The fact that the seat belt connects us to life and our loved ones in case of a potential accident is almost forgotten. Therefore, OPET now calls the seat belt, which unfortunately is a concept we are used to hear but have become insensitive to as the society, the “Life Belt”. It is aimed to increase the ratio of putting on seat belts, which is 47 percent today, to the levels of 70 percent within one year with the "Life Belt" awareness by warning every customer who comes to the OPET stations by saying "Please put on your life belt", and transforming this statement into an action that will cover all Turkey, while instilling the traffic safety awareness in children and teenagers in all four corners of Turkey with the Traffic Detectives Project.