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OPET pursues its support to the farmers to prevent any failure in the food chain due to COVIT-19  pandemic and to sustain the consistency in agricultural production. In scope of the collaboration with Denizbank, OPET provides due date of 6 months without any interest rate for the fuel oil expenses of Manufacturer Card owners in their agricultural activities. 

OPET extends its campaigns for facilitating ease in payment to farmers in their fuel oil purchases. OPET initiated a new cooperation with Denizbank, the bank having the greatest share in the agriculture banking, to this end. In this regard, OPET provides due date of 6 months without any interest rate for the fuel oil purchases of farmers who make their transactions with Manufacturer Cards at either Opet or Sunpet stations until 30 June. 

The farmers willing to benefit from the advantage of payments without any interest rate within the scope of the campaign  should make their fuel oil purchases with their Manufacturer Cards. Manufacturer Card is a special card that presents zero percent interest rate and due date advantage, which may be used in 17 thousand workplaces as well as in the agricultural purchases of farmers including fuel oil, fertilizer, feed and seed. It is adequate for those farmers who do not have Manufacturer Cards to write "ÜRETİCİ" as an SMS message with their cellular phones, leave a space and add their "T.R. Identity Number" then "License number of their city" and send it to 3280. 

OPET, the unwavering leader of customer satisfaction in fuel oil distribution sector, is continuing its services with meticulous efforts to keeping social distance and hygiene rules 7 days and 24 hours throughout Turkey together with its Sunpet brand. 

Detailed information regarding the campaign may be found at www.denizbank.com and www.opet.com.tr.