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Full support from OPET which is the leading company of the fuel distribution industry, to the vaccine, the most effective and only solution to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic... At OPET which had started to use the remote working model since the first days of the pandemic, 99 percent of the employees received their first dose of vaccine during their return to the office.

While vaccination efforts are accelerating in our country, At OPET that has fully implemented all the precautions at the Headquarters and terminals, almost all of the employees of the Headquarters, terminal and filling facilities and regional directorates have completed their first dose of vaccines.   It is planned to request a negative Covid-19 PCR test of which results obtained in the last 72 hours from OPET personnel whose two doses of vaccine have not been completed in all units two days a week. Experts emphasize that 70 percent of the population should be vaccinated in order to accelerate the vaccination rate and gain herd immunity in Turkey. The delta variant of the coronavirus which continues to show its effect all over the world, directs governments and companies to take decisions on vaccines and precautions.


As a result of the audits carried out by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) last year, it was documented that OPET met all the conditions specified in the "COVID-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Certification Program" of TSE, both in the Headquarters building and in its terminals.  As a result of TSE's audits at OPET Headquarters, it was determined that the hygiene practices to protect employees, visitors, suppliers against the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts to prevent contamination and the pandemic management comply with all conditions within the scope of the program and the General Directorate is awarded with "TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate". Compliance with the "TSE COVID-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Certification Program" was documented after the TSE inspections carried out at different times in OPET's Marmara, Mersin, Korfez, Korfez B and Giresun Terminals and it was decided to award the facilities with "TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate".  On the other hand, OPET continues to provide uninterrupted service by taking the highest level of precautions against COVID-19 at its stations. OPET draws attention with its brand understanding that fully implements and enforces pandemic measures, its service quality that gives importance to human health and hygiene, and its Clean Toilet Campaign. In this context, OPET Antalya Agency Station was awarded the TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate and became the first station to have this certificate in Turkey. During the process, the same document was obtained for a total of 9 stations, 2 of which are in Catalca, 4 in Izmir and 2 in Tuzla.

Before the first COVID-19 case was announced in Turkey, OPET had begun to take measures to protect the health of its employees, visitors and contractors. While the conformity of managerial issues and physical measures was meticulously audited at OPET, the COVID-19 exercises held at all facilities and at the Headquarters were appreciated by the TSE as "good practice". OPET will continue its practices that protect the health of both its employees and the society along with the vaccination process,.