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OPET was found to be worthy of the "Best Workplace in Turkey" award in the Best Employers 2020 survey conducted with the employees by Kincentric, one of the leading companies in the world in the field of human resources and management consultancy.

OPET, one of Turkey's leading fuel companies was once again awarded the "Best Workplace in Turkey" in the Kincentric Best Employers 2020 survey based on employee experience. In the list formed in light of the evaluations made by employees within the scope of the Kincentric Best Employers program, the companies that provided the best workplace experience and working environment to their employees deserved to be the "Best Workplace in Turkey". Besides Employee Loyalty, the companies were assessed in terms of “Agility, Engaging Leadership and Talent Focus” indices. OPET was also included as the only company in the fuel distribution sector to be on the list. OPET was among the companies providing the best workplace experience and working environment to its employees last year in the workplace research with the largest participation in Turkey. OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca emphasizing that they attach great importance to employee experience at OPET said, “Our employees are our greatest value. We aim at establishing a happy employee experience via our human resources policies. We provide a strong communication and motivation environment for our colleagues. We are leading them to progress and success through corporate opportunities and benefits, and we reward their success. We aim to continuously increase business productivity and provide career opportunities."

"Happiness of Our Employees is Very Important for Us"

Expressing that they focused on employee experience during the pandemic period, Ağca said, “The happiness of our employees is very important for us. A healthy and safe work environment where continuous development is encouraged is one of our top priorities. We care about providing a strong communication and motivation environment for our colleagues, and listening to all our friends through human resources systems and practices. From the first day of the pandemic, we tried to make all our employees feel our thought: 'You are important for us'. Due to the pandemic, we transferred to a remote working system like many institutions and organizations. We frequently held online meetings. We also performed our training programs online. In order to soothe the various difficulties of working remotely and to cope with stress, we have carried out online events and held seminars with experts on their subject matter. We launched the "Human Resources Is Where You Are" application so that all questions could be answered quickly and completely. With the “OPET Employee Support Line” that is available 24/7, we continue providing informational support to our employees and their first-degree relatives by experts in many subjects, including psychological counseling and legal issues. The loyalty and happiness of our employees brings along the success of our corporate brand. We will continue our work focused on employee experience”.

Employees Assess Their Companies in 4 Categories

The program, where the Best Workplaces are determined as to the opinions of the employees, is implemented in Turkey since 2006. In scope of the studies conducted by Kincentric, one of the world's leading companies in the field of Human Resources and Management Consultancy, in which workplace excellence has been measured with employees for more than 50 years, the companies that received the Best Workplace award in Turkey in 2020 were determined according to the indices "Agility, Engaging Leadership and Talent Focus" besides Employee Loyalty. Over 4,000 different companies have been included in the Best Employers Program carried out in 78 different markets for 20 years globally, reaching 15 million employees in the last 5 years.