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OPET, was elected, once again, "The Fuel Distribution Company That Turkey is Bond With Love With" in the Lovemarks Survey which Mediacat Magazine carried out in collaboration with Ipsos. At the award ceremony held under Brand Week Istanbul, Cüneyt Ağca, The General Manager of OPET, received the award from Özdem Bulut, Chief Editor of Mediacat Magazine and Pelin Özkan, Advertising Research General Manager of IPSOS. In the statement made by IPSOS, it was said: “Although the brands of fuel category continue to work without slowing down, no brand can replace OPET in the heart of the consumer. This emotional communication work of the brand specifying that it offers not only the fuel, but also love of country enabled it to achieve a 30 percent mind share. The nearest competitor's score was calculated 24 percent.”

Cüneyt Ağca, General Manager of OPET, stated at the award ceremony that they are very proud to be elected Lovemark for the 4th time and added: “As a brand engaged in the sale and distribution of fuel, which is an essential consumer product, to find a place in the heart of the consumer as "Lovemark" once again shows the recompense and rightness of all the works we have done so far and makes us proud and happy. Our practices making a difference in our sector, our sustainable and result-oriented social responsibility projects, the systems we have built with regard to the customer satisfaction, our different campaigns and value added services is the focus of our healthy communication efforts with our customers. Our brand, which identifies with the concept of customer satisfaction, cares about and follows the suggestions or complaints. In addition, we inquire the satisfaction of our consumers, which is our most important criterion, by contacting them personally. Our social responsibility projects, each of which focuses on a social problem and is built with solution recommendations, have a big impact in our emotional connection with our consumers. We have provided a service touching our customers' life and We made a significant change in Turkey in the awareness about cleanliness and hygiene, with our Clean Toilet Campaign which we have maintained for 18 years. With our Green Road, Model Village, Respect for History, Our works in Troy, Traffic Detectives and finally, Women's Strength project, we are creating an agenda and adding value to our country. In addition, we are measuring customer needs more clearly through product development, use of digital channels, data collection and analysis works and we conduct customer-oriented CRM campaigns segmented according to customers' shopping habits and campaigns based on brand collaborations. In short, we are always in the heart of our customer as we have succeeded in becoming more than a fuel distribution brand."

Interviewed With 3090 Persons

The "Lovemarks" survey conducted in 22 different sectors this year, was carried by using computer assisted telephone interview technique, with 3 thousand 90 persons, consisting of equally distributed men or women between the ages of 15-55. The field work of the survey whose goal is to determine which brand is "Lovemark" under specific categories, in which the competition and communication activities are intense in Turkey and which is an object of interest was carried out between March 12 - June 29, 2018. Within the scope of the survey, the categories inquired for the sake of an effective survey design were divided into two and the data were collected from two homogeneous test groups. In the survey, "OPET" was the most popular answer to the questions like "What is the first brand that comes to your mind in the fuel industry?", "How close do you feel toward this brand?", "To what extent does this brand meet your expectations and needs?" and "Which brand is your favorite/which brand can you never give up on?"