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OPET was granted the greatest award in the "subject, agenda and crisis management" category in the PR section with its movie thanking the couriers for their work during the quarantine period in the Felis Awards that makes an emphasis to the role of effective creativity in communication work and contributes to the world of creativity.

This year, the Felis Award ceremony that is organized for accentuating the role of effective creativity in the advertising and marketing industry and rewarding the success of the teams that contribute to the world of creativity took place online due to the pandemic circumstances. OPET won the greatest award during the 15th of this organization in the "PR, Subject, Agenda and Crisis Management" category with its movie thanking the couriers for their work during the quarantine period based on the holistic effect it created. This movie titled "A Thank You" also received the 'Achievement Award' in the Corporate Image category in the Digital section.

This movie that was shot in the month of March when entire Turkey was under quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic was highlighting the work of the service sector for the needs of people. In this movie prepared by OPET for the couriers who facilitate our well being during the social isolation just like the health care professionals who risk their lives, Cem Yılmaz goes on leaving a thank you message at the doors all around Turkey. The movie ends with a thank you message Cem Yılmaz has written to the courier saying, "Come on Turkey, let us leave a warm message at our door. Let us thank all the couriers who are on the way.” Nobody went out on the streets in the production of the movie named "A Thank You" that gives place to the lives of the couriers who are the secret heroes of the service sector. In these shootings where social isolation was attentively preserved, one courier following his workflow and a real fuel oil salesperson working at OPET station (gas pump attendant) played role. This movie was produced totally based on amateur shootings recorded by a POV (Point of View) go-pro camera located on the helmet of a courier given this task. House plans were recorded with cellular phones by preserving social isolation.

Achievement Award to the Mosquito With Simay and the Seer Project

OPET won the 'Achievement Award" at the Felis Award Ceremony in Media Section's Radio Usage category with its ‘OPET Woman Power Mosquito Program Hack with Nihat’ project. In this project, the program was presented by Simay Kuzgun working as a Fuel Oil Sales Representative at OPET and she had given details about the OPET Woman Power Project. The program was on air with the title “Mosquito with Simay" that day. The Seer Project that OPET accomplished with Tanı was also presented the 'Achievement Award' in the Data Usage Section's Product/Service/Experience as Data Output Category. The Seer Project provides customized campaigns to OPET customers based on an intrinsic algorithm.