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The commercial film of OPET describing the ‘New Generation Stations’ meets with the audience through the eyes of children. The crew, which is consisted of children for the sake of their roles, shoots the OPET commercial film in their own dreams, and explores the prominent characters of the stations.

With the ‘ultramarket’ retail chain concept, OPET, which changes the product and service standards in the fuel distribution sector, continues to offer their needs to its consumers, racing against time, under a single roof with affordable prices and in a fresh/clean/quality way. OPET conveys this transformation, which turns gas stations into living spaces where any kind of need may be met at any time of a day, to its consumers with the commercial film aired in the week of the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

The crew, which is wholly consisted of children, shoots the OPET commercial film in their own dreams, and explores the prominent characters of the stations in the three commercial films describing Ultraforce, Ultramarket and the mentality of new generation stations. OPET Ultramarket World, which gives place to more than 1000 products in 10 categories from food to personal care, from technology to toys and from household items to auto accessories in the new concept Ultramarkets, meets with the consumers through the eyes of children. The films, which are directed by Barış Kaya, have the characteristics of being the first communication campaign of the “More” of Opet concept.

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Advertising Agency: VMLY&R Istanbul

Managing Creative Director: Ayşe Aydın Erdoğan

Creative Director: Mehmet Güney

Creative Group Director: Mustafa Özmal, Uğur Sönmez

Creative Team: Ümit Aydın, Cem Bilgi, Cem Altun, Ozan Yücekuş, Aleyna Korkmaz

Assistant Director General: Arda Görgün

Customer relations: Merve Çiçek Tuyun, Enver Gülpınar

Agency Productor: Baran Saraç

Production Company: Astronot

Director: Barış Kaya

Post Production: ABT Istanbul