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OPET, which protects the history of the region with the “Respect To History Project” that it has been carrying out in Çanakkale Gallipoli Peninsula for 13 years, continues its support to the region. After Tevfikiye that it has transformed into an ‘Archeo-Village’, this time OPET will put its signature to works in Çıplak Village that is right next to Tevfikiye.

Having been supporting the cultural and tourism thrust that was started on an international scale in order to introduce Troy as the ancient value of Anatolia, OPET continues its works in the Troy National Park region at the moment in Çıplak Village after Tevfikiye, which it has transformed into an ‘Archeo-Village’ by renovating it on the occasion of the “2018 International Troy Year”. OPET, which will make a series of arrangements in the village, first of all starts the trainings for the village residents. The signature ceremony of the course program, which will be organized with the cooperation of the Çanakkale Public Education Center, took place with the participation of Çanakkale Governor Orhan Tavlı, Çanakkale Public Education Center Director Yasemin Şenol and Founding Board Member of OPET Nurten Öztürk.

Having talked in the signature ceremony of the protocol, Çanakkale Governor Orhan Tavlı said: “Tevfikiye Village has been a first in the World. We have created a village that will set an example on an international scale all together. Now, it is the turn of Çıplak Village.. A different village concept is being planned by processing Ottoman motives interbedded with the ancient period in this village, which includes Ottoman period works. As you will see with the works OPET will make here, Çıplak Village will be a global village.

Founding Board Member of OPET Nurten Öztürk said: “We lay the foundation of our works, which we will be making in the Çıplak Village, with training again as it was the same in our road map in the Archeo-village Tevfikiye. We aim our village residents to become conscious, have a job and have increased social life quality. At the same time, we brush up their history knowledge for making them understand, learn and tell the value of these lands. We provide training for restaurant and boarding house administration and shopkeeping training. As it was in the Archeo-village Tevfikiye, we will create a concept for the Çıplak village, and make arrangements accordingly. We will do works that we will connect to Troy within the scope of this protocol signed with the Çanakkale Governorship. We are in the preparation of a different work that we will combine the characteristics of Çıplak Village as it is one of the oldest Ottoman villages, the first woman teacher worked here and the house of Schliemann is here. Once again, we receive the consultancy of the Troy Site Director Prof. Dr. Rüsten Aslan from the Çanakkale University. I believe that we will also put our signature to useful results here.

The course program to be carried out in the Çıplak Village includes different subjects such as personal development, boarding house operation, shopkeeping, accommodation-welcoming, cleaning and hygiene, diction, foreign language, traditional handicrafts, souvenir making, glazed tile and ceramic fabrication. The course program, which will start in September and 100 women and 50 men are planned to participate in, will continue for 6 months.