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OPET, the powerful and innovative brand of the fuel oil distribution sector, continues to support sports. World Corporate Golf Challenge Turkey 2018, where OPET assumed the main sponsorship, was held as hosted by Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort. The Ekol Construction team that won the tournament will represent our country at the WCGC 2018 World Final that will be organized at Cascais, Portugal.

OPET World Corporate Golf Challenge – WCGC, which is the inter-companies golf tournament with the widest participation in the world, was played at the National Golf Club during April 20-22, 2018, as hosted by Antalya Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort once more.

The senior executives of the leading companies in Turkey competed ruthlessly on the course at the tournament, which was held for the 6th time and was also attended by OPET Board of Directors' Founder Chairperson Fikret Öztürk.

Erol Aktı and Sidar Yalçınkaya couple competing on behalf of the Ekol Construction team completed in the tournament organized under the main sponsorship of OPET, as first with 145 points in total and was entitled to participate at the WCGC 2018 World Final that will be organized in Cascais. While the Sarum Diamond team, represented by Hüseyin Demirağ and İsmail Erdoğan, ranked second with 132 points in the tournament, where 26 participant companies were represented by couples’ teams, the Bony Socks team represented by Hasan Gülkaya and Ali Gong finished the tournament in the third rank with a total score of 130 points.

The team than won the Turkey leg of the World Corporate Golf Challenge, which has brought 1 million golfers together since 1993 to the present, will represent our country at the WCGC World Final that will be organized in Cascais, Portugal during June 20 – 24 with the participation of the finalist teams from over 30 countries.