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As of now, OPET has started sales of books by Can Publishing at Ultramarkets. OPET will be offering hundreds of titles published by Can Publishing to book readers at Ultramarkets. 

The most reputed and valuable brand in the fuel oil distribution sector, OPET continues enriching the products at Ultramarkets. The OPET Ultramarkets giving place to the outstanding brands in various categories will now be a frequented place for book readers on the basis of the collaboration with Can Publishing. The General Manager of OPET stated that wtih the new generation market concept of Ultramarket, a new dimension was achieved in their focused approach to customer satisfaction and informed that Can Publishing stands were initially placed in 104 OPET Ultramarkets and that would follow with others. 

 Stating that they were the unswerving leader in customer satisfaction in the fuel oil distribution sector, Cüneyt Ağca said, “We are pursuing our efforts in growing the Ultramarket family by collaborating with the outstanding brands in Turkey including products from coffee beans to personal care products and toys. We have made our stations with the Ultramarket, a living space where our customers can have a pleasant time. ” While our customers may meet their needs other than fuel oil from our markets, they can also give a coffee or tea break.  Our alliance with Can Publishing has turned out to be a new and different collaboration that has realized our commitment for offering customers more than a fuel oil station. By means of this partnership we are capable of handling the necessities of our customers for culture and art, and aiming at being the preference of book lovers with Can Publishing stands we have located in Ultramarkets."

The General Manager of Can Publishing, Ali Granit commented on this collaboration and said: “We have taken the road with OPET to accomplishing what has not yet been done up until today. Previously, there were very few books at fuel oil stations in general. Besides, it was also not possible to say that these books were carefully selected and exhbited. Therefore, the readers had a very weak perception as to purchasing books from fuel oil stations. We as the best publishing house in Turkey would like to change this perception together with OPET, the strongest fuel oil brand of the country. We will exhibit our most valuable works of literature at OPET stations with the richest variety and the best way of presentation. I believe that in soonest time possible the OPET stations will be one of the central locations where our readers resort to for seeking books.” 

Presents Living Spaces to Customers Where They can Meet all Their Needs

Ultramarket project was initiated in 2019 with OPET’sgoals for meeting all the needs of vehicles at fuel oil stations, but besides that offering living spaces to customers where they can reach a variety of products at any time during the day. OPET turns its 'Fullmarkets', located at more than its 1600 stations, into a retail chain of 'Ultramarkets' with more than 1000 products served in a total of 142 stations. The aim is to complete this transition with approximately 200 stations at the end of this year. OPET provides a wide range of products in its Ultramarkets, ranging from food to personal care, from technology to toys, from home appliances to auto accessories. OPET, co-operating with pacemaker brands such as “in bakery by Divan”, “Starbucks on the go”, “Lipton”, “Dardanel Mister No”, “Rossmann”, “Automix” ve “TTec", "Knorr" and "Can Publishing" offers today's consumers, who are racing against time, their needs at a reasonable price and in a fresh/clean/high-quality manner under a single roof.