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In Effie Turkey 2021, which is recognized as the most prestigious award in the sector by worldwide marketing and in which communication professionals, and where the most effective advertising and marketing communication campaigns are awarded, OPET was deemed worthy of the “Bronze” award with its advertising campaign 'OPET'se Fark Eder', in which it emphasized its strong and different features that set it apart from its competitors.  OPET was the only fuel brand to receive an award in the organization.

OPET won the "Bronze" award with its "OPET'se Fark Eder" advertising campaign at the 13th Effie Turkey Advertising Event Awards, organized by the Association of Promoters and the Association of Advertisers in cooperation with Effie Worldwide Inc.  OPET which is the only fuel brand awarded in the organization, was deemed worthy of an award in the category of "Automotive Products and Services, After Sales Products and Services" with the campaign launched last year in Effie Turkey 2021, which is considered the most challenging and prestigious competition in the marketing and communication world.  Effie Turkey Advertising Event Awards are organized by the Association of Promoters and the Association of Advertisers, in cooperation with Effie Worldwide Inc.  the Effie awards which evaluates the measurement of the project's business results on the axis of creativity, is known as one of the most prestigious awards in the field of communication and marketing, with the opinion of industry professionals around the world. 

In the series of commercials starring Cem Yılmaz, OPET's strong and different features that distinguish it from its competitors in the sector are presented to the consumers with the slogan 'OPET'se Fark Eder'.  In the advertisement, the prominent features including clean and hygienic toilets of OPET that is the outcome of its 21 years of Clean Toilet Campaign, the Ultramarkets providing an enriched variety of goods that meet the consumers needs, and the "Woman Power Project" creating employment for women fuel oil sales people are highlighted.

“We emphasized the innovations we have brought to our industry for years with the commercial film”

Murat Zengin, OPET Deputy General Manager for Marketing said “We are very happy to be deemed worthy of the award in Effie Turkey 2021In addition to meeting all kinds of needs of vehicles at fuel stations, OPET maintains its place at the top of customer satisfaction with alternative  services it offers to its customers and social responsibility projects it creates based on social needs.  We emphasized the innovations we have brought to our industry for years with the advertising campaign we prepared with Cem Yılmaz, with whom our paths crossed again after 15 years.  Since its establishment, OPET has been transforming the fuel sector of our country because OPET is a truly human-oriented and social brand. We wanted to remind our consumers of this mission of OPET once again with the "Opet'se Fark Eder" campaign.  We will focus on the products and services we offer within the scope of our superior service understanding in the commercials to be published in the future.” in his comment on the award.

Cem Yılmaz wrote and directed the commercials.

In the advertisement Cem Yılmaz, the face of the OPET brand, appears in the role of Faruk Etmez, the owner of Farketmez Petrol, who emulates the OPET brand and meanwhile considers it to be a competitor. Faruk Etmez and his one and only employer Necmi discover the difference of OPET from other fuel oil brands. The two following all the novelties in OPET attentively and even with a telescope, do not refrain from challenging OPET, the leader of change and innovation in the sector, despite the way of service of Farketmez Petroleum and its top to toe deficiencies. Cem Yılmaz is the scriptwriter and director of the advertorial series that depict the adventures of Faruk Etmez the owner of Farketmez Petrol and his employee Necmi with a sense of comedy by making references to the sector. The first films of the series bear the signature of the Happy People Project.

It received applications in 42 categories in total.

The Effie competition which is organized to enable the agency and advertiser to collaborate on the effectiveness of the advertisement in creation, management and brand building, rewards campaigns with high commercial efficiency and results.  The Effie competition which was first organized by the New York Marketing Association of America (AMA) in 1968, is today a global reference for effective advertising in 30 countries.  The award ceremony, which took place online for the first time this year due to the pandemic, was broadcast live on the Effie Studio Youtube channel  on 26 May. Effie Studio in which the awards are announced, is a platform that will be active all year long and where the campaigns of advertisers, advertising, media agencies, research companies and PR agencies that have won the Effie Award are discussed.  Turkish leg of the Effie Awards accepted applications in 42 categories, 27 of which were sectoral and 15 were private this year.