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OPET rewarded the best 100 dealers of last year within the scope of the dealer satisfaction and performance evaluation system called "Bravo". The managers and employees of the stations that had a rank in the system received their awards all at once from the hands of OPET's regional and field managers. Has Petrol from Kocaeli won the 1st place in Turkey in the Bravo system. The owner of the station, Nafiz Karadağ said, “OPET Bravo turned out to be a beautiful road-map for us and our personnel. We are extremely honored and happy to win the 1st place in Turkey."

OPET awarded its dealers that showed the best performances within the scope of the Bravo system that is a common platform for transparently measuring station based performance of dealers and station workers in parallel to strategic targets, service standards and annual objectives. The 100 OPET dealers that were the first with their superior performances among the 1061 OPET dealers throughout Turkey in terms of their realizing the goals such as sales and financial performance, customer satisfaction, service, compliance with Clean Toilet Campaign standards, active support to Woman Power Project, and participation to corporate trainings were granted a yearly maintenance program, clothing, travel program as well as a golden award to the station personnel. The managers and employees of the stations from all around Turkey that had a rank in the system received their golden awards all at once from the hands of OPET's regional and field managers. 

"Bravo is a Mirror to Us"

Nafiz Karadağ, the owner of Has Petrol who won the 1st place in Turkey in the OPET Bravo evaluation said the following: “OPET Bravo system is almost a mirror to us... the 3 months' periodical evaluation is a report card, and the yearly measurement is a diploma. First of all, I would like to congratulate OPET due to its design of such an efficient and motivational system. OPET Bravo has turned out to be a very beautiful road-map to us and our personnel in terms of being a material and moral means of motivation. The station workers consider themselves to be very special and embrace their jobs with higher eagerness. We are extremely honored and happy to win the 1st place in Turkey. As Has Petrol family, we continuously hold meetings with our personnel for finding ways on how to give better services. We will pursue our endeavor in the best manner that would suit the OPET brand and we will keep our championship by working with the same meticulous efforts. Our target for year 2020 is to make a difference and become the Bravo Champion once again."

"A Guide That Creates Sustainable Added Value" 

İrfan Özdemir, Vice General Manager Responsible of Sales made a statement saying that the dealers having the highest score cards in Turkey's general gradation were awarded in accordance with the yearly evaluation results from the Bravo system that aims at sustainable corporate standards by spreading OPET's customer satisfaction oriented corporate targets. Özdemir gave the following information: “OPET Bravo system above all is a quantifiable system that focuses on people-customer-dealer-communication-target-development and technology. Besides, it is a recognition and reward system that focuses on the performance and targets at creating sustainable added value, also it qualifies as a guide that produces value at every point for the customer, station worker, dealer and OPET. Service standards and performances may easily be monitored by means of this system that we have started implementing both over the web and via a mobile application as of the beginning of 2019.  I congratulate first Has Petrol, and then all our stakeholders that had a grade in the system and wish them further success.”