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Thanks to a recently developed system, OPET recognizes your fuel from your license plate.

Being the brand making difference with its leading and innovative applications in the fuel industry, OPET again puts its signature under an innovation. Thanks to its “Smart Filling System”, OPET prevents wrong product purchase during filling in stations by matching vehicle’s license plate and product type on fuel pump. By this means, the vehicles of all OPET customers included in the system are recognized from their license plates and correct fuel purchase is guaranteed.

Being the brand using the technology in the best way in the fuel industry, OPET ensures suitable fuel purchase from the fuel stations all around Turkey by recording its customers and their vehicles in the pump system in electronic media with its recently developed "Smart Filling System". For OPET customers, it is sufficient to send SMS in order to take part in this system. The customers are included in the system by sending SMS to 6738 after writing “fuel”, license plate number and fuel type (diesel or gasoline) by inserting space between them. Having been included in the system with SMS, OPET customers automatically purchase suitable fuel for their vehicles during filling in the stations. If a different fuel than the one recorded in the system is requested during filling, the system gives a warning and prevents this situation.

For the existing application in the fuel stations, the license plate of the relevant vehicle is entered in the cash register device and filling is made according to gasoline or diesel selection. The filling station attendants make filling according to product type labels on fuel lids, instructions of customers or certain product types for some vehicle models. Vehicles' engines may have serious damages if the filling is performed wrong. Now, a solution is delivered to this situation, being a common problem of the industry, with a new service guaranteeing purchase of always correct fuel by the consumers thanks to "Smart Filling System" developed by OPET.

Indicating that they put another application to lead the industry into practice, Timucin Guler, OPET’s Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Communication, said relating to this innovation: “Developed by OPET, the system brings innovation to the concept of "Perfect Service" by enabling the customers to match the license plate and the vehicle’s product type for their own vehicles. By this means, the vehicles of all OPET customers included in the system are recognized from their license plates by the fuel pumps and the purchase of the matched product is guaranteed.”