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The innovative and powerful brand of the fuel oil sector, OPET was found worthy of an award in the "Best Use of Data in a Marketing Programme" category at DataIQ Awards'18, where superior marketing solutions were evaluated in London, with the "Smart Campaign Recommendation System" that it accomplished with TANI, offering integrated marketing services by creating value from data.

OPET, the brand that uses technology the best in the fuel oil sector, demonstrated its difference once more in this respect. OPET was found worthy of an award in the "Best Use of Data in a Marketing Programme" category at the DataIQ Awards’18’ organized in England. OPET, which was found worthy of this award with the "Smart Campaign Recommendation System" developed in collaboration with the group company TANI A.Ş that offers integrated marketing services by creating value from data, creates a difference among marketing applications that are becoming richer every day with the technological developments. With the “Smart Campaign Recommendation System", OPET aimed to offer the correct campaign to the correct individual at the correct time, by the model developed by examining the customer behavior patterns and past shopping / campaign movements, and using the machine learning methods. It was observed that the campaign turnover increased by 28% with fast and automated results, when the traditional campaign system is compared with "artificial intelligence" and "new machine learning based system" that offer customized campaigns. A different marketing model that supports the customer-focused approach of OPET was created with the development of the campaign recommendation motor that generates different campaigns, special to each customer. In the announcement made by the DataIQ Awards Jury, it was stated that “This project filled with analytics shows the impact that customization and data-focused analytics can achieve in very competitive markets" about the application. The project was previously found worthy of the "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" award at the 2018 Martech Awards, which is one of the new marketing awards of Turkey.


The DataIQ organization, which was included among the 100 fastest growing entities of England in 2016, evaluates brands that use data in the best way and generate data based solutions. DataIQ is an organization that is growing rapidly since 2011 and brings the data/analytic leaders and professionals of large and medium-scale firms together. High quality contents in a variety of areas such as articles focused on data and analytics, different sector applications, sector researches and reports, marketing insights are generated on the platform formed by DataIQ. Furthermore, events such DataIQ Summit and DataIQ Discussion are organized every year, where the best practices in the fields of data based decision systems, analytical studies, CRM and marketing insights, the latest market trends, the newest tools and technologies are discussed.

About TANI A.Ş

TANI, which has a wide data base and CRM experience of 16 years to increase the market dominance of companies, offers integrated marketing solutions and consultancy on web, store and mobile platforms. TANI is a company that has assumed the mission to create value from working data in order to create an efficient world by bringing brands closer to people and people closer to brands. TANI, which operates as affiliated with the Koç Group, attracts attention by Loyalty Programs, Digital Marketing Applications, Data Management and Analysis, Analytical Services and Chippin mobile application. The company also holds 19 domestic and 8 international awards in these fields.