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Opet is the ‘Brand with the Highest Customer Loyalty Level' for the 3rd Time

OPET once more took the summit in the "Turkey Customer's Voice Research" conducted by KalDer and Ipsos collectively. Within the scope of the research based on customer loyalty, OPET was chosen as the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the fuel oil sector, consecutively for the 3rd time.

OPET, which has ranked at the peak of customer satisfaction since 2006 according to the customer satisfaction and loyalty researches conducted by KalDer, carried its achievement to the 12th year with this result.

The 'TMS - Turkey Customer's Voice Research' that lends an ear to more than 10 thousand customers in 11 different sectors that steer the Turkish economy, identified the quality-focused actors of the sectors once more this year. According to the results of the 'TMS - Turkey Customer's Voice Research', conducted by KalDer (Turkish Quality Association) and Ipsos, as focused on measuring and improving customer loyalty in the sectors, OPET received the highest TMS score in the ranking in the fuel oil sector and continued its sector leadership in this field. According to the research, the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the fuel sector was OPET once more.

Opet Carried its Achievement Over to the 12th Year With This Result

OPET General Manager Cüneyt Ağca expressed his opinions on maintaining the unchanged leadership of OPET and said: “We deem that our selection as the brand with the highest customer loyalty in the Turkey Customer's Voice Research for the 3rd time, is very valuable. We are also proud to carry our achievement over to the 12th year without interruption, as the customer's choice in the customer satisfaction researches that KalDer conducts since 2006. Our objective is to continue as the unchanging leader of our sector by maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty we have created in our customers also in 2018. We will append our signature under innovations in line with this vision in order to set the bar at a higher level, together with our smart stations, cordial and hardworking service team, high quality products and valued dealers.

The “Turkey Customer's Voice Research” was designed with the collaboration of KalDer and Ipsos, setting off with the need for a national evaluation system in order to create a strong economic indicator. The main purpose of the 'Turkey Customer's Voice (TMS) Research' that is conducted regularly for the last three years is to measure the brands within the scope of an independent research from the viewpoint of the customer and light the way for the sectors as based on the data. TMS, focused on measuring and improving customer loyalties in 11 different sectors in Turkey, measures the future behaviors of consumers by taking the Ipsos Loyalty Index that is a global metrics as reference. The TMS Index offers a complete index of customer behavior, beyond metrics such as “Brand Recommendation” and “Tendency of Continuing to Use the Brand in the Future”.

11 sectors in total, as Fuel Oil Stations, White Household Appliances, Passenger Cars, Personal Banking, Elementary Insurance/Individual Pension, GSM Operators, Airlines, Internet Service Providers, LPG Autogas, Television and Bottled Gas, and brands in these sectors were analyzed within the scope of TMS 2017. OPET ranked first among the brands that were scored and compared in the fuel oil sector.

Research Details

TMS – Turkey Customer's Voice Research was conducted by Ipsos in collaboration with KalDer. The research was conducted with the computer aided telephone interview (CATI) method through successful interviews with 16,451 individuals over 18 years' of age in total during January – December 2017. Each sector was reported over at least 1500 responses. Within the scope of the research, more than 250,000 consumers residing in Turkey were contacted without any province limitations. The results were reported, overseeing compliance with the brand market shares in each sector, and using weighting when necessary.